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Welcome from the MCR President

Welcome to all our new members!

First of all a very warm welcome to Durham and the Hatfield College community.  I write with every hope that all of you have had an encriching summer as you prepare for the upcoming academic year.  My name is Keerthi S Vasishta, a 3rd Year PhD student in English Literature.  I will be be the President of the Middle Common Room Executive Committee for 2023/34.  What this means is I am your initial point-person for all MCR related enquiries.  

I want to take this opportunity to request you to make full use of all the opportunities for personal development and networking at Hatfield College.  This usually means taking part in the many activities, events and support offered by the MCR throughout the year.  This year we are planning a range of events, academic and social, to make sure you have a community to turn to all year round.  The upcoming Induction Week is bolstered by a team of volunteers who are ready to give you a full Hatfield experience from the get go!  We sincerely hope your experience of Induction Week will encourage you to continue participating in MCR activities for the rest of the year!  

#AllOneHatfield, the ethos of the College, is geared towards making all members, whoever they may be, absolutely welcome and part of our community.  Hatfield has students from all the continents, from all disciplines and backgrounds.  So, don't worry about if you'll fit in.  We want you to feel comfortable, safe and welcome.

We also take feedback very seriously.  If you encounter any issues or problems at the MCR or College, let us know.  We are also open to suggestions and ideas on how to make you feel at home faster.  

If you have any enquries or simply wish to know more about the MCR and the wider postgraduate community at Hatfield, you can email and follow us on social media.  You can also write to me directly or the Vice-President, Melody Bishop.

We are excited to meet you in September!

Keerthi Sudhakar Vasishta
Hatfield College MCR President 2023-24

University student
A huge part of being a member of Hatfield College is making new networks through college events and most friends I made have turned out to be lifetime friends. Through the college networks, I did not just learn about the British culture, but diverse cultures since I made friends from different countries, which is really exciting. Support from College and the MCR Exec is immense and choosing Hatfield is the best decision I ever made. #Once a Hatfielder, Always a Hatfielder#

Nthabaleng Rants'o

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