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Student Enrichment Directorate

The Directorate specifically incorporates Sport & Physical Activity, the Performing Arts, Student Media, Volunteering & Community Outreach and pan-University Personal Enrichment Programmes (the Durham Inspired Award and the Student Leadership Framework). 

Established in early 2022, the work of the Directorate includes:  

  1. providing a coherent and collaborative organisational structure to set enrichment policy and to develop enrichment strategy across the institution,  
  2. providing organisational capacity for new enrichment projects and initiatives; 
  3. coordinating and facilitating enrichment activity output across the institution;  
  4. fostering effective partnerships both within the institution and externally,  
  5. building and sharing best practice across the institution,  
  6. championing and driving forward student enrichment accessibility and inclusivity priorities; 
  7. raising the profile of student enrichment both internally and externally; 
  8. developing appropriate training for staff and students; 
  9. capturing evidence of impact across the University’s seven Domains of Participation;  
  10. providing governance, line management, operational oversight and coherence of vision for the University’s specialised enrichment units specifically incorporated within the Directorate. 
  11. managing institutional policy with regard to relationships with Common Rooms and club and society Durham Student Organisations.

Our Team 

Quentin Sloper 
Director of Student Enrichment 

Andy Cattermole 
Student Enrichment Senior Manager (Operations, Planning & Policy)

Chloe Bird 
Student Enrichment Administrator

Lynsey Finnemore
Student Enrichment Senior Manager (Student Enrichment Programme and Durham OnDemand)

Amy McCarthy
Student Enrichment Co-ordinator (Student Enrichment Programme)

Charlie Walker
Student Enrichment Co-ordinator (Colleges) 

Gareth Lawson
Student Enrichment Co-ordinator (Colleges)

Jessica Norris 
Student Enrichment Co-ordinator – Graduate Intern

Chantelle Cumming
Student Enrichment Senior Manager (Student Leadership Framework and Laidlaw Leadership Programme) 

Lucy Morris 
Laidlaw Project Manager

Katie Taylor 
Student Leadership Co-ordinator

Matteo Lai 
Student Leadership Co-ordinator – Graduate Intern

Carol Walker 
Student Enrichment Manager (Project Development)

Samuel Kirkman 
Media Durham Co-ordinator

Debra Horseman 
Student Enrichment Finance Manager

Suzanne Leung 
Durham Student Organisation Assistant Finance Manager

Amy Forbes 
Student Enrichment Finance Administrator