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Anthropology Field course: Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory of 2.6 square miles with 32,000 residents. Gibraltar's economy is based largely on tourism, online gambling, financial services and bunkering.

During the field course we explore human-macaque interactions from a diversity of perspectives. Students will gain first-hand experience in collecting and analysing field data relating to primate behaviour. Ethnographic approaches are used to explore the relationships between people and Barbary macaques in Gibraltar.

two macaques grooming each other on a wall with Gibraltar town in the background

Two macaques grooming each other

Group of people looking at the camera standing on steps in Gibraltar town

Field course group exploring Gibraltar town. 

Student Blogs

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Anthropology Field Course Blogs

Our field trip to Gibraltar

Antonia Stulz and Annika Hanson describe their field trip to Gibraltar
2 students observing macaques in Gibraltar