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Bioactive Chemistry and Synthesis

Our Bioactive Chemistry and Synthesis grouping have scientific expertise in a diverse range of areas including; Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Chemical-Biology, Biochemistry, Bio-inorganic Chemistry, and Structural and Analytical Chemistry.

Research in the area of Bioactive Chemistry and Synthesis is extremely well supported by state-of-the-art facilities located within the Department. Research grouping members are engaged in exciting interdisciplinary projects which are funded through a variety of funding agencies.
About Us
Lab flasks and microscope

Bioactive Chemistry and Synthesis

The grouping applies its expertise in physical, bioinorganic and organic chemistry, integrated structural biology, spectroscopy and imaging of biological matter to solve fundamental problems at the interface between chemistry and biosciences.  We place particular emphasis on designing and synthesising chemical probes to address neglected tropical diseases and wider therapeutics. 

1. Expand our research portfolio and strategic partnerships with companies in the bio-economy and international research organisations of the MosMed CDT.

2. Establish a sustainable research program on Neglected Tropical Diseases with our overseas partners building on the success of the GCRF NTD Network;

3. Develop new chemical compounds and tools for drug discovery and diagnostics.


Associated BCS members based in Chemistry Department: Nigel Robinson, Tim Blower, Martin Cann, Peter Chivers, Paul Denny, Gary Sharples