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Statistics and Probability

The Statistics and Probability research group carries out research in a wide variety of research areas. Our interests range from probability theory, through statistical methodology and computation, to substantive applications in many different fields.

Our areas of interest include:

  • Bayesian statistics, with specific expertise relevant to uncertainty in computer models
  • Nonparametric statistics, including smoothing and predictive inference;
  • Statistical modelling of structure, geometry, and shape;
  • Foundations of statistics and decision theory, generalised uncertainty quantification and imprecise probability;
  • Applied statistics for large-scale applications such as cosmology, banking, digital commerce, energy and engineering, risk assessment, ecotoxicology, food safety, and systems biology.
  • Stochastic processes and their applications, including Markov processes, random walks, processes in random media, and self-interacting processes.
  • Complex stochastic systems and phase transitions, including a wide variety of models inspired by statistical mechanics, biology, chemistry, and other disciplines.
  • Random structure and geometrical probability, including random networks, random graphs or hypergraphs, and combinatorial structures constructed on random points in space.