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Harvard-Durham Research Exchange Programme 

Harvard University

Harvard University and Durham University have established an exciting new doctoral student exchange programme, allowing Durham students to spend time with research collaborators based in The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Harvard, and vice versa.

From computational cosmology to renaissance narratives, from pioneering new research on children's well-being in war zones to classical literature, this programme offers advanced PhD students important opportunities to further their research and broaden their thinking in their chosen field. 

Both institutions believe it is important for the graduate student experience to include the stimulation of discussion, new techniques, access to documents, samples and fieldwork as well as exposure to complementary approaches to their research question that visits to other research groups can provide. 

The scheme generously provides assistance with visas, access to university housing, libraries and other research facilities, and academic support for short periods (generally 3 to 6 months). 

  • The main contact for the scheme at Durham is: Dr Fiona O'Carroll, Deputy Director, International Office 
  • The main contact for the scheme at Harvard is: Mr Patrick O'Brien, Special Students and Visiting Fellows Officer, Graduate School of Arts and Science 


Information for Harvard Students wishing to study at Durham 

There are no fixed deadlines for applying for a place on this exchange, but placements will be arranged taking into consideration the most appropriate time for the research work to be undertaken along with more practical considerations such as availability of supervisors. Exchange periods will generally be for 3-6 months though alternative periods may be considered according to the planned objectives of the visit. 

In the first instance it may be helpful to discuss your proposal in more detail with Dr Fiona O'Carroll before making a formal application. 

Once you have decided to proceed with your application please complete the form below and send it together with the required supporting documents to: 

Please include within your research proposal the rationale for your visit and the past record of collaboration between the groups at Durham and Harvard and the impact of the visit on future collaboration. One of your referees should be your supervisor at Harvard and the other the member of staff at Durham with whom you would like to work during your visit. 



Information for Durham Students wishing to study at Harvard University 

The exchange programme is specifically between Durham University and The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) at Harvard. The proposed supervisor must be a member of staff within GSAS. 

Students wishing to apply for a period of research at Harvard through our Exchange Programme will need to apply to the International Office at Durham via in the first instance before being nominated to participate in the exchange. In general, the exchange allows for one Durham student per semester to go to Harvard but the exchange needs to balance over a period of time.