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Directorate: Professor Veronica Strang Executive Director
Professor Robert A. Barton Director (Social Sciences)
Professor Alexander Easton Director (Science)
Professor Laszlo Polos Director (Business)
Professor Nicholas Saul Director (Arts and Humanities)
Support Staff: Ms Linda Crowe Institute Manager
Dr Ronan O'Donnell Administrator


Professor Nicholas Blomley, Simon Fraser University

IAS Fellow at Grey College, Durham University (January – March 2021)

Prof Nicholas Blomley, Simon Fraser UniversityNicholas Blomley, FRSC (BSc Bristol 1983, PhD Bristol 1986) is Professor of Geography at Simon Fraser University, Canada. He is a leading scholar in the interdisciplinary field of critical legal geography, with particular insights into the relationship between space, property and power. His central argument is that law and space are inextricably linked and deeply social and political in both their effect and constitution. In particular, he has focused on the critical geographic analysis of property.


Dr Chris Dalglish, Inherit: The Institute for Heritage & Sustainable Human Development

IAS Fellow at John Snow College, Durham University (January-March 2021)

Dr Chris Dalglish, Inherit: the Institute for Heritage & Sustainable Human DevelopmentDr Chris Dalglish is a director of Inherit, the York Archaeological Trust’s Institute for Heritage & Sustainable Human Development.

The Trust is a charity that helps people to build better lives through heritage. For 50 years, it has been enabling communities to realise the value of their heritage. It does this through its research, education, volunteering and public engagement programmes, and through its visitor attractions, festivals and exhibitions.

Professor Donald Dingwell, Ludwig-Maximilians University

Prof Donald Dingwell, Ludwig-Maximilians UniversityIn 2000, Professor Dingwell was called to the Chair in Mineralogy and Petrology at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. There he founded the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences of which he is currently Director. His principal research interest is the physico-chemical description of molten rocks and their impact on volcanic systems. He has contributed largely to the development of the new and expanding field of experimental volcanology.


Dr Nicole Graham, University of Sydney

IAS Fellow at Trevelyan College, Durham University (January – March 2020).

Dr Nicole Graham, University of SydneyDr Nicole Graham (BA (Hons, University Medal), LLB (Hons), PG Cert Higher Ed, PhD) is an Associate Professor at Sydney Law School, The University of Sydney, Australia. She teaches and researches in the fields of property law and theory, and legal geography. She has raised an awareness of the problems created by the abstract formulation of property rights, the artificial cleave created between property and environment and the consequences for planet sustainability. Nicole also researches the agency of legal education in colonisation and anthropogenic environmental change, and is an influential scholar in the interdisciplinary field of legal geography.

Professor Fabio Massacci, University of Trento

Prof Fabio Massacci, University of TrentoProfessor Fabio Massacci (MEng'92, PhD'98 Computer Engineering, MA'95 in International Relations) has held academic positions in Rome, Cambridge, Toulouse, Trento, and now Amsterdam. He held visiting positions in Durham, Koblenz, Lueven, Marina del Rey, and Oslo.

He is interested in foundational and experimental aspects of security in socio-technical systems and will work on the analysis of socio-technical systems to understand how they react to extreme events and how people and companies might decide to bind the rules to have some results.

Dr Sandra Scham, The Catholic University of America

IAS Fellow at Josephine Butler College, Durham University (January - March 2021)

Dr Sandra Scham, The Catholic University of AmericaDr Sandra Scham’s work has placed her at the juncture of archaeology with some of the most complex issues in the modern Middle East. She is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor of Anthropology at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC and a Senior Consulting Advisor on program evaluation, Middle East affairs, gender equality and narratives of extremism with the United States Department of State and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Her enduring interest has been a focus on minority and marginalized communities, inequality, human rights, and reparations both in the past and the present.

Dr Anna Stagno, University of Genoa

IAS Fellow at St Aidan’s College, Durham University (January - March 2021).

Dr Anna Stagno, University of GenoaAnna Maria Stagno is a post-medieval and rural archaeologist. She is professor in Rural and Landscape Archaeology, at the School of Humanities, Department of Antiquity, Philosophy and History at the Università di Genova.

Her research interests are the history and archaeology of European rural societies, the historical systems of environmental resources management, with particular reference to sharing practices and commons, and the contribution of research for the construction of a sustainable future for European rural areas. Her researches aim to develop an original approach to historical archaeology and to stress the role of historical studies in the future planning of mountain areas