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Future Projects

2022/23 Major Projects

Opportunities in Pollution

The project will look at the biological, physical and social impacts of pollution on micro- organisms, plants, animals and human stakeholders in the North East and the interdependent mechanisms of evolution and adaptation to it. 

The Politics of Credibility

This is an innovative, interdisciplinary, collaborative research project, whose aim is to cast fresh analytical light on the politics of credibility that underpin asylum determination regimes in the UK and Europe (Greece, Cyprus and Germany).

Risks to Youth and Studenthood in Digital Spaces

While it is widely acknowledged that students as young people inhabit digital spaces, there is a lack of understanding of how social media interacts with their identity development throughout their ‘student lifecycle'.

2023/24 Major and Small Projects 

surveillance camerasJustice and Artificial Intelligence

The project is, first, an interdisciplinary examination of potential and actual sources of injustice within surveillance-cum-recognition and automated decision-making technologies and the DNNs which are their foundation. It is, second, an attempt to eradicate or redress these forms of injustice by both technical and other means.

Face image with finger to lipsUnderstanding Offence: delimiting the (un)sayable

This project considers 'Offence' as a phenomenon and the challenges for society in attempting to regulate offensive speech and behaviour.


Book watch and ancient textAbusing Antiquity

This project seeks to investigate the colonisation of the classical past by a spectrum of political forces, with a particular focus on neo-Nazi and white-supremacist groups in Europe and the UK.

women sitting by a window working from homeIn Absence of Others

This interdisciplinary project examines managers’ experiences when working alone.