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Recent Book Publications

Women, Intimate Partner Violence, and the Law book (2021) by Prof Heather Douglas

This book draws on interviews with individual women over a three-year period to better understand their engagement with the legal system after leaving violence, and reports on the ways the legal system abuses women who are survivors of violence.

Women, Intimate Partner Violence, and the Law Book cover

Plato’s Essentialism: reinterpreting the theory of forms (2021) by Vasilis Politis

Vasilis Politis argues that Plato's Forms are essences, not merely things that have an essence.


Noted below is a small selection of publications relating to recent Fellows, IAS supported research projects and IAS  themes. For a full and detailed overview of all publications please go the the IAS's dedicated pages


2020/21 Fellowship and project publications

Park, S (2020) ‘Strolling in a Peach Orchard’, The Polyphony.


2019/20 Fellowship and project publications

Bateman, J., Robertson, L., Marsh, L., Cameron, C., Hoek, J. (2020) ‘An Analysis of E-cigarette Marketing in New Zealand Tobacco Retail Outlets Prior to Legislative Change’, Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 22(7), pp. 1221–1224.

Bateman, J., Robertson, L., Thornley, L., Marsh, L., Hoek, J (2020). ‘New Zealand Tobacco Retailers’ Understandings of and Attitudes Towards Selling Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems: a qualitative exploration’, Tobacco Control, 29(e1).

Blank, M.L., Hoek, J (2020) ‘Roll-your-own Smokers’ Reactions to Cessation-efficacy Messaging Integrated into Tobacco Packaging Design: a sequential mixed-methods study’, Tobacco Control, doi:10.1136/ tobaccocontrol-2019-055284.

Blank, M.L., Hoek, J (2020), ‘Roll-your-own Loose Tobacco Packaging Warning Labels: a qualitative study using a novel elicitation method’, Tobacco Control, 29(6), pp. 672-678.

Bryant, L., and Williams, C. (2020) ‘Place and Space in Social Work’, Qualitative Social Work, 13(3), pp. 321-336.

Bryant, L (2020) 'Farming, Gender, and Mental Health', in Sachs, C et al. (eds.) Routledge Handbook of Gender and Agriculture, Routledge, UK, ch. 33, pp. 421-434.

Centanni, T.M., Halpern, A.R., Seisler, A.R., & Wenger, M.J. (2020) ‘Context-dependent Neural Responses to Minor Notes in Frontal and Temporal Regions Distinguish Musicians from Nonmusicians’, Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Neuroscience, 20(3), pp. 551-564.

Forlano, L. (2020) ‘The Danger of Intimate Algorithms’, Public Books.

Glendall, P., Hoek, J (2020) ‘Role of Flavours in Vaping Uptake and Cessation among New Zealand Smokers and Non-smokers: a cross-sectional study’, Tobacco Control, tobaccocontrol-2019-055469.

Greenspon, E. B., Pfordresher, P. Q., & Halpern, A. R (2020) ‘The Role of Long-Term Memory in Mental Transformations of Pitch’, Auditory Perception and Cognition, 3, pp. 76-93.

Gurram, N., Thomson, G., Wilson, N., Hoek, J (2019) ‘Electronic Cigarette Marketing by New Zealand Vendors’, New Zealand Medical Journal, 133(1506), pp. 20-33.

Haggart, K., Robertson, L., Blank, M-L., Popova, L., Hoek, J. ‘It’s Just Steam: a Qualitative Analysis of New Zealand ENDS Users Perceptions of Secondhand Aerosol’, Tobacco Control, Epub ahead of print, pp. 1-6.

Halpern, A.R (2020) ‘Processing of Musical Pitch, Time, and Emotion in Older Adults’ in Cuddy, L.L., Belleville, S. & Moussard, A (eds.) Music and the Aging Brain. San Diego: Academic Press.

Hoek, J., Glendall, P., Eckert, C., Louviere, J., Ling, P., Popova, L (2021) ‘Analysis of On-pack Messages for e-liquids: a discrete choice study’, Tobacco Control, doi. org/10.1136/tobaccocontrol-2020-056033).

Jamie, K., Sharples, G (2020) ‘The Social and Material Life of Antimicrobial Clay: exploring antimicrobial resistance, medicines’ materiality and medicines optimization’, Frontiers in Sociology. doi: 10.3389/fsoc.2020.00026.

Neil, B (2021) Dreams and Divination from Byzantium to Baghdad (400-1000 CE). Oxford Studies in the Abrahamic Religions. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Nie, J.B., Xie, G., Chen, H., & Cong, Y (2020) ‘Conflict of Interest in Scientific Research in China: a socio-ethical analysis of He Jiankui’s human genome-editing experiment’, Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, 17(2), pp. 191-201.

Nie, J.B. (2020) ‘The Summit of a Moral Pilgrimage: confucianism on healthy ageing and social eldercare’, Nursing Ethics

Padilla, Nelson D., Magaña, Juan., Sureda, Joaquín ., Araya, Ignacio J (2021) ‘Power spectrum of density fluctuations, halo abundances, and clustering with primordial black holes’, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 504(3), pp. 3139–3155.

Petit, C. (2020) ‘Les manuscrits grecs du traité des Simples de Galien’, Archives Internationales d’Histoire des Sciences, 70 (184-185), pp. 76-113.

Petit, C., Swain, S., Fischer, K.D (2021) Pseude-Galenica:the formation of the Galenic corpus from antiquity to the renaissance. Chicago: Chicago University Press.

Strickett, E., Robertson, L., Waa, A., Blank, M-L., Erick, S., Hoek, J. (2020) ‘A Qualitative Analysis of Maori and Pacific People’s Experiences of Using Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS)’, Nicotine & Tobacco Research.

Thomson, G.W, Hoek, J., Marsh, L (2020) ‘The Long-term Supply of Tobacco and Nicotine: some goals, principles and policy implications, Tobacco Control, 29(6).


2018/19 Fellowship and project publications

Bartlett, R.J. (2020) ‘Adventures in DFT by a wavefunction Theorist’, The Journal of Chemical Physics, 151(16), 160901.

Carteret, C (2018) ‘Exchange between carbonate anion intercalated within layered double hydroxides and atmospheric CO2’, Quaesitum, 2018.

Hernández, G.l. (2019) ‘Effectiveness’ in d’Aspremont, J., and Singh, S (eds.) Fundamental Concepts in International Law. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, pp. 237-250.

Di Iorio, D., Verheijden, M.L., van der Vries, E., Jonkheijm, P., Huskens, J. (2019) ‘Weak Multivalent Binding of Influenza Hemagglutinin Nanoparticles at a SialoglycanFunctionalized Supported Lipid Bilayer’, ACSNano.

Vijselaar, W., Kunturu, P.P., Moehl, T., Tilley, S.D, Huskens, J (2019) ‘Tandem Cuprous Oxide/Silicon Microwire Hydrogen-Evolving Photocathode with Photovoltage Exceeding 1.3 V’, ACS Energy Letters, 4(9), pp. 2287-2294.

Lowrie, M. (2020) ‘Care and Security in Vergil’s Aeneid: an analysis of the political empire’ in Tomkins, L. (ed.) Paradox and Power in Caring Leadership: Critical and Philosophical Reflections. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, pp. 121-130.

Scott, D.T. (2019) ‘The Art of Boxing’, The Cambridge Quarterly, 48(4), pp. 303-23.

Scott D.T. (2020) ‘The Boxing Gym as Masculine Space’, Sport in History.

Snopok, B., Laroussi, A., Cafolla, C., Voïtchovsky, K., Snopok, T., Mirsky, V.M  (2021) ‘Gold Surface Cleaning by Etching Polishing: optimization of polycrystalline film topography and surface functionality for biosensing’, Surfaces and Interfaces, 22(100818), pp.2468-0230. 468-0230.

Van der Wilt, G.J., Alric, R., Trowman, R (2019) ‘Scientific Development of HTA – A Proposal by the Health Technology Assessment International Scientific Development and Capacity Building Committee’, International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care35(4), pp. 263-265.

Miskell, G., Alberti, K., Feenstra, B., Henshaw, G.S., Papapostolou, V., Patel, H., Polidori, A., Salmond, J.A., Weisser, L.Williams, D.E (2019) ‘Reliable data from low cost ozone sensors in a hierarchical network’, Atmospheric Environment214.

Wissert, L., Alberti, K., Miles, E., Miskell, G., Feenstra, B., Henshaw, G.S., Papapostolou, V., Patel, H., Polidori, A., Salmond, A.S., Williams, D.E., (2020) ‘Low-Cost Sensor Networks and Land-Use Regression: Interpolating Nitrogen Dioxide Concentration at high Temporal and Spatial Resolution in Southern California’, Atmospheric Environment, 223.

Weisser, L., Miles, E., Miskell, G., Alberti, K., Feenstra, B., Henshaw., G.S., Papapostolou, V., Patel, H., Polidori, A., Salmond, J.A., Williams, D.E (2020) ‘Hierarchical network design for nitrogen dioxide measurement in urban environments’, Atmospheric Environment, 229, 117428.

Callow, T.J., Lathiotakis, N.N. & Gidopoulos, N.I (2020) ‘Density-inversion method for the Kohn-Sham potential: role of the screening density’, The Journal of Chemical Physics, 152(16), 164114.