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Student publications

Amatulli, Giuseppe,A short overview of the UARCTIC Network and the opportunities it offers for Arctic researchers, Durham University website (2020). 

Amatulli, Giuseppe & Klein, Joëlle, Community security in the Barents Region’, in ‘Society, Environment and Human Security in the Arctic Barents Region. Oxford: Routledge, 2018. ISBN: 9780815399841. 

Amatulli, Giuseppe, ‘Cumulative effects of Industrial development and Treaty 8 Infringements in Northeastern British Columbia: the litigation Yahey v. BC (S151727) – Case comment’, in Arctic Review on Law and Politics, Vol. 13, April 2022. DOI:

Amatulli, Giuseppe, Commentary on Decolonizing Production: Healing, Belonging, and Social Change in Sápmi’, early online in Current Anthropology, 2022. DOI:

Boyd, Eric,The Calculable and the Incalculable: A Brief Note on Sustainability on Post-Industrial Identity in the First Quarter of 2017, (2017) Centre for the Anthropology of Sustainability at University College London, published online. 

Chuffart, Romain (2020) Book Review: Arctic Triumph: Northern Innovation and Persistence (N Sellheim, Y Zaika, & I Kelman, eds.), Polar Journal. 

Chuffart, Romain (2020) Book Review: Emerging Legal Orders in the Arctic: The Role of Non-Arctic Actors (A Shibata et al., eds.), Nordicum-Mediterraneum 15(1). 

Chuffart, Romain (2020) Book Review: Arctic Governance: Power in Cross-Border Cooperation (E Wilson Rowe), Nordicum-Mediterraneum 15(1).  

Chuffart, Romain (2020) Book Review: Protecting the Third Pole: Transplanting International Law (S Marsden), Nordicum-Mediterraneum 15(1).  

Chuffart, Romain (2020) Book Review: The Politics of Sustainability in the Arctic: Reconfiguring Identity, Space and Time (U P Gad & J Strandsbjerg, eds.), Nordicum-Mediterraneum 15(1). 

Chuffart, Romain (2019) Is the Arctic Council a Paper Polar Bear? High North News, 28 November. 

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Drury, Christian (2020) Revisiting Arctic History, Arctic Relations: Scholarship and Stories, 21 September. 

Ferloni, Greta, (2020) 'Sea ice in the Arctic is melting… except in the Bering Sea', Notebook from the North, 28 June. 

Ferloni, Greta,  ‘Navigating the structural coherence of sea ice’ (with P. Steinberg, C. Aporta….& A. Stammler-Gossmann) in Laws of the Sea: Interdisciplinary Crosscurrents (I. Braverman, ), London: Routledge, 2022, pp. 164-183

Jarrett, David ‘Behavioural responses of non-breeding waterbirds to marine traffic in the near-shore environment’, accepted for publication in Bird Study

Kater, Ilona: 

Kater, Ilona (2019) Mass starvation of reindeer linked to climate change and habitat loss. The Conversation.

Kater, Ilona & Baxter, R. (2022) Abundance and accessibility of forage for reindeer in forests of Northern Sweden: Impacts of landscape and winter climate regime. Ecology and Evolution, 12(4): e8820    

Lundmark, Jan Mikael, ‘It is a Matter of Principle that the Indigenous Sámi People Lack Legal Protection’ (2020) 1 EHRLR 1. 

Ward, Ellie (2022) From the Cumbrian Lake District to Bear Island - Exploring the diversity and adaptability of Arctic Charr.