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Building Art-Science Collaborations

Our Art-Science collaboration scheme BSI Create, brings creative professionals and academics together with scientists from the Biophysical Sciences Institute (BSI). There is no brief other than to talk, explore ideas connected to our research and see what happens.

To help to build these creative collaborations we have two funding schemes: Seed to match partners and support the early conversations and the Project Building Fund to develop project ideas.

We are happy to answer any questions about our art-science collaboration schemes and activities - please email, and to join the BSI Create mailing list please complete our short form.


Through Seed BSI scientists and creative industry professionals and academics connect based on their approach, their creative ambitions and professional interests. Matching of partners will be done by an expert panel of academics and creative professionals with a wealth of experience of working across disciplines.

Seed is designed to spark new collaborative partnerships and give them space to develop. It is not a scheme for project ideas. Its purpose is to start conversations that will lead to cross-disciplinary collaborations.

How to apply

Participants are invited to submit and sort their research interests using Well Sorted (an online form and sorting tool).

There will be an optional, online meeting on the 8th of February (12-2 pm) to give people the chance to meet others with the same interests. Following the online meeting participants will be asked for a ranked list of either 3 people, or 3 research areas.

There are funds for up to 10 Seed conversations. When matches are found we will provide funds (of up to £550) to cover the creative professional partner’s time and travel to allow a series of 3, one hour-long meetings. A short report is required from matched partners (28 April 2023) and an in-person meeting will be arranged for early summer for those taking part to share their experiences.  

Well Sorted Link:


Project Building Funding

Project Building Funding enables existing groupings or partners to realise ideas, to undertake small projects or to develop cases for external funding.

This is the stage at which we invite applications from partnerships or teams. Funding of up to £2K will be made available for proposals that explore the ideas that drive or are inspired by our research. Applications to the Project Building Fund will be assessed by an expert panel with a wealth of experience of collaboration across disciplines and of the impact of interdisciplinarity collaboration and its communication.

Closing date: Friday 28 April 2023

Download Application form: Project Building Fund Application Form 2023



About the BSI

We support research at the boundaries of the life sciences and other physical sciences including physics, mathematical sciences & computer science. Our research takes a fresh, interdisciplinary approach to fundamental biosciences processes and systems which have real-world applications e.g. in drug discovery or the development of novel materials. Our community is drawn from across scientific disciplinary boundaries and career stages. We are united by a commitment to collaborative research and to fostering a supportive research culture.

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