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Building Creative Collaborations

BSI Create brings arts and creative industry professionals and academics together with scientists from the Biophysical Sciences Institute (BSI). There is no brief other than to talk, explore ideas and see what happens.

To support these creative collaborations we are introducing two new funding schemes: Seed to match partners and support the early conversations and Grow to develop project ideas.

We are happy to answer any questions about BSI Create schemes and activities - please email, and to join the BSI Create mailing list please complete our short form.


Through Seed BSI scientists and creative industry professionals and academics will be partnered together based on their approach, their creative ambitions and professional interests. Matching of partners will be done by an expert panel of academics and creative professionals with a wealth of experience of working across disciplines.

Seed is designed to spark new collaborative partnerships and give them space to develop. It is not a scheme for project ideas. Its purpose is to start conversations that will lead to real interdisciplinary collaborations.

To apply to the Seed scheme please submit an Expression of Interest form by the 17 January. When applicants have met their matched partners, they can then apply for the full Seed funding of £500 to continue these conversations. All costs for time and expenses for the introductory meeting will be covered according to standard Durham University procedures.

Closing date: Monday 17 January 2022

Download Expression of Interest form: Seed - Expression of Interest Form - Creative partners or Seed - Expression of Interest Form - Academic partners


Grow funding enables creative partnerships to realise ideas, to undertake small projects or to develop cases for external funding.

This is the stage at which we invite applications from partnerships or teams. Funding of up to £2K will be made available for proposals that explore the ideas that drive or are inspired by our research. Applications to Grow will be assessed by an expert panel with a wealth of experience of collaboration across disciplines and of the impact of interdisciplinarity collaboration and its communication.

Closing date: Friday 27 May 2022

Download Application form: BSI Create_Grow_Application Form_2022