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Audio- and Video-Recordings 

The CCS has created a large collection of recent talks, some of which are available as videos and others of which are available as audios. The audios can be accessed via SoundcloudApple Podcasts and Spotify, and the videos are available via the CCS’s YouTube channel. 


Resources from 2019’s Franciscan Legacy Conference  

In 2019, the CCS hosted the Franciscan Legacy conference, bringing together members of the Franciscan family, theologians, historians, and others to explore the continuing significance of St Francis and Franciscan traditions. Audios from the conference are available on Soundcloud, including talks by Ilia Delio, Mona Siddiqui, and John McCafferty. Some of the other papers are available as pdfs – the full programme is here and if you would like to a request a paper, please email  


Resources on Receptive Ecumenism 

A list of publications and resources on Receptive Ecumenism [please link to wherever you decide to put these – see Receptive Ecumenism section above] 

Image filename: Receptive Ecumenism peter and paul in shared drive 



The Outreach of Our Two Endowed Chairs  

The CCS has created two pioneering academic Chairs, each of which commit 20% of their time to community outreach and engagement: 



The Bede Chair 

The Bede Chair in Catholic Theology stands in a special relationship to the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle. The Bede Professor serves as theological advisor to the Bishop, speaks at diocesan and parish level events, and engages with teachers and students in the Diocesan school system. Recent talks from Karen include: 



The St Hilda Post 

The St Hilda Chair, specialising in Catholic Social Thought and Practice, works with faith based organisations, policy makers, activists, social entrepreneurs and Church groups (among others). Recent resources by Anna include: 



Covid-19 Resources: Thoughts on the Pandemic 

CCS members offer some thoughts about the pandemic - some words of hope, consolation, food for thought and more. 


CCS Staff 


CCS Students 


Other CCS Members 

  • Co-curation of Narratives of Resilience, a podcast featuring research from the History Department on human responses to crisis and disaster