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28 March 2022 - 28 March 2022

3:45PM - 5:15PM

Online (on Zoom)

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Philosophical Issues in Space Science Seminar Series 2022: Manasvi Lingham (Florida Institute of Technology)

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Manasvi Lingam

Title: On false positives and priors in the search for technosignatures

Abstract: In this talk, I will discuss recent publications from the Characterizing Atmospheric Techonsignatures (CATS) collaboration. I will present a simple Bayesian model to illustrate the importance of having a proper understanding of priors and false positives in the context of technosignatures. On a related note, I will provide a summary and brief history of the arguments used to either bolster or weaken the case for technosignatures. Next, I will review the work done by CATS on detecting signatures of atmospheric nitrogen dioxide and chlorofluorocarbons. I will conclude this talk by indicating some avenues that warrant further analysis.


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Meeting ID: 940 6702 7268
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