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History of the Book Funding

History of the Book Research Grant Scheme

Our rounds of small research grants are intended to support activities at Durham University and elsewhere that develop research activity, research capacity, impact and/or dissemination in the broad field of History of the Book, defined as the study of the material forms of texts, including manuscripts and early printed books (production, binding, scribal practices, illumination, rubrication, annotation); the histories of bookmaking, book lending, book use and bookselling; of libraries and book collecting; of readers and reading. Grants for setting up new research collaborations, such as research networks, and seedcorn funding for larger projects will be given priority, and larger sums may be awarded for these. The maximum amount normally awarded to any single proposal will be £5,000, but larger grants may be made for proposals with a strong strategic rationale. Partial funding of proposals is also a possibility.

The funds are primarily intended:

  • to aid the development of new research collaborations in History of the Book, such as research networks with international reach, especially those leading to the preparation of applications for external research funding
  • to develop dissemination and outreach/impact activities, bringing History of the Book research outcomes to a wider local and national audience.



Award Holder


Editing: Challenges and Directions, workshop at Durham, 24-26 June 2019

Barbara Ravelhofer

Stephen Taylor

English Studies


Middle English Manuscripts in Durham October 2019-June 2020

Richard Gameson


Special Collections Pedagogy Initiative October 2019-July 2020

Marc Schachter