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2 March 2023 - 2 March 2023

5:30PM - 7:00PM

Online Webinar

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Join us online for a webinar with Revd Canon Dr Chigor Chike, who will explore 'Spirit and Power: African Christianity's Challenge to the Church of England'. This is our latest event discussing the nature of power in the Church of England.

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A Christian cross motif, in a traditional African tribal art style (Creative commons license; Philip Barrington)

Power and the Church of England textRevd Canon Dr Chigor Chike

'Spirit and Power: African Christianity's Challenge to the Church of England'

This is the latest webinar in the Power in the Church of England series, organised by the Michael Ramsey Centre for Anglican Studies at Durham University and the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion at Lancaster University.

These webinars explore

  • The many forms of power that shape the life of the Church;
  • The ways in which these forms of power shape people’s experience in and around the Church;
  • The various accounts of power (theological and sociological, for instance) that circulate in and around the Church;
  • What it means for power to be exercised in healthy ways; and
  • The nature and impact of the misuse and abuse of power.

The full list of webinars, with links to recordings of previous talks in this series, is available here.

A list of other seminars and events held at the Michael Ramsay Centre for Anglican Studies is available here. 

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