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CPEMPH is a joint research centre, existing at both Durham University in the UK and the University of Johannesburg in South Africa. The Centre is, to our knowledge, the first to focus on any of the subject areas of philosophy of epidemiology, medicine, or public health. It takes an inclusive approach to philosophy, and seeks an awareness of the multiplicity of philosophical and medical traditions. The Centre sees philosophy as a part of the medical humanities, and its Durham component is embedded in the Institute for Medical Humanities. As the same time, we see philosophy as an activity embedded in medical science and thinking - an activity in which philosophers may be specialists, but have no more claim to ownership than mathematicians have exclusive rights over addition and subtraction. We believe that these broad intellectual and cultural conceptions of the philosophy of medicine, epidemiology and public health create a vigorous environment that will generate conceptual and methodological contributions to all things medical and health-related, at a time when the world needs them.

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