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A selection of relevant publications by CPEMPH Fellows and Associates.


Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Public Health

Edited by Sridhar Venkatapuram and Alex Broadbent, this first-of-its-kind handbook brings together an interdisciplinary and international group of authors to answer questions like:

  • What is public health?
  • What should public health be or become?
  • How do causal concepts shape the public health agenda?
  • How do study designs either promote or demote the environmental causal factors or health inequalities?
  • How is risk understood, expressed, and communicated?
  • Who is public health research centered on?
  • How can we develop technologies so the benefits are more fairly distributed? Do people have a right to public health?
  • How should we integrate ethics into public health practice?

The book can be downloaded as an ebook or ordered here:

Published 2022

Broadbent, A and Streicher, P. Can you lock down in a slum? And who would benefit if you tried? Difficult questions about epidemiology’s commitment to global health inequalities during Covid-19. Global Epidemiology 4, 100074 (2022).

Broadbent, A., Grote, T. Can Robots Do Epidemiology? Machine Learning, Causal Inference, and Predicting the Outcomes of Public Health Interventions. Philos. Technol. 35, 14 (2022).

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