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Research Conversations - Promoting Interdisciplinary Research with Focus on Health and Wellbeing

Research Conversations are a series of talks with researchers across Durham University focusing on a specific topic, looking at topics from different perspectives to identify and ask big questions, explain unexplained phenomena and work together to solve problems that haven’t been solved before.

Research Conversations aim to bring together researchers interested in addressing the beginning, middle and end of problems and working in collaboration on interdisciplinary grant applications. Identifying researchers that are interested in solving a specific problem in interdisciplinary teamwork can be a challenging process. Research Conversations aim to provide a forum where researchers across Durham University can meet to approach research questions from different disciplines and to identify collaboration partners.

The Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing (WRIHW) provides the necessary infrastructure by organising Research Conversations on specific topics. Researchers across the university are invited to participate in these interactive talks.

If you want to get involved, or have an idea for a research conversation please register your interest here


17th November 2021

Work, Health and Wellbeing

Facillitated by Dr Barbara Bechter, Durham University Business School