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Research Policy Team

The Research Policy Team is responsible for the review, development and implementation of all the policies and processes that underpin the University’s Research and Innovation activities. This includes all funded work with outside bodies; Research, Consultancy, Services for Outside Bodies (Inc. Analytical Services and Facilities use), Research Commercialisation and Impact, Collaboration, Knowledge Exchange & Engagement Activities.

The team provides support, advice, resources and training on ethics and governance related areas, including but not limited to;

  • research ethics and integrity
  • project management and governance
  • research data management

The team also manages and supports the central Research Committees, provides external assurances and reports (including co-ordination of the HEB-CI return) and undertakes various special projects. 

Research Policies


Metrics Policy and Statement

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Research Integrity

Policy, Contacts, Statements and Assurance Reports

Ethics Committee - Lay / Independent Members Wanted

All the research that Durham does is subject to ethical review and approval - the main purpose of which is to ensure that all those involved in the research are treated fairly, with respect and that the research meets the standards expected.
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