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Dr Michael Nower

Lecturer in Economics

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Lecturer in Economics in the Business School  


Michael is an Assistant Professor in Economics.

Previously he was a Fixed-Term Lecturer in Economics and a Post-Doctoral Research Associate for the Durham University Research Impact Fund and Durham University Faculty of Business funded project: 'Future UK Trade Arrangements: Potential Impact on the UK Economy', having completed his PhD in Economics at Durham in 2019.

Together with Dr Anamaria Nicolae, Michael carries out work on a project assessing the impact of potential future trade agreements on the UK economy following UK’s exit from the European Union. For more information on this project, please see the project webpage - Brexit: International Trade and Productivity.

Michael is the Module Leader and gives lectures for the 'Introduction to the International Economy' (1st Year) and 'Development Economics' (3rd Year) modules on the undergraduate economics programs. ­

His PhD thesis was titled “Three Essays on International Trade and Productivity”, for which he was awarded the prize for 'Outstanding Doctoral Thesis' in Durham University Business School. His PhD was funded by ESRC NEDTC Collaborative Studentship (no. ES/J500082/1) in collaboration with the Bank of England. He was supervised by Dr Anamaria Nicolae, Professor Stephen Millard (Bank of England) and Professor Julian Williams. His research has been published in the Bank of England Staff Working Papers series.

In addition to carrying out his PhD studies, Michael acted as the research assistant for the ESRC IAA funded project: ‘The Impact of Brexit on UK Productivity’. In 2017, Michael completed a placement at the Bank of England as a Visiting Academic Researcher and from July to September 2018 participated in the Bank of England PhD Internship Programme.

His CV can be found here

Prospective PhD students interested in doing a PhD in the fields of International Trade or Development Economics are welcome to contact him directly.

Research interests

  • Development Economics
  • International Trade
  • Applied Macroeconomics