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Mr. Oday Al-Hasan

Doctoral Research Student

Ph.D. Candidate in Islamic Studies

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Doctoral Research Student in the School of Government and International Affairs  



Durham University: Ph.D. Doctoral in Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies (submitted my corrections), PGCAP Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (Module 2), and DULTA (Durham University Learning and Teaching Award) (2016). Birmingham University: M.A in Islamic Studies (2009-2010), Graduate Diploma - Islamic Studies (2008 – 2009). Birkbeck College University of London: Postgraduate Certificate in Islamic Studies (2005 - 2006).

Expertise & Interest:

I am qualified an Islamic Studies Lecturer whose first language is Arabic. My main area of focus on studying and researching Arabic primary sources. I have a special interest in the relation between aṣḥāb Ḥadīṯ Sunni and Twelver Shia, also comparative studies of early Muslim philosophers such as al-Rāzī and al-Fārābī.

With a passion for my subject area in the history of Medieval early debates about Imamah and the Problem of Evil.

Thesis Title:

Was Ibn Bābawayh Mindless Hašawī or Follower of Philosophy?

Research interests

  • Ibn Bābawayh Thought and Ideology
  • Medieval Aṣḥāb al-Ḥadīṯ
  • Medieval Muslim philosophers al-Rāzī and al-Fārābī
  • Islamic theology and philosophy
  • Hadith
  • Tafsir Qur'an

Media Contacts

Available for media contact about:

  • Theology: Analytical study of the Muslim canon in the context of the medieval era. In dealing with the problem of Evil and the impact of early philosophies in shaping the Muslim doctrine of today.
  • Philosophy:
  • Religion:
  • Theology:
  • Medieval history:
  • Middle eastern and Islamic studies:
  • Middle East: