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** Information with regards to Coronavirus (COVID-19)** Durham University are actively monitoring the situation with regards to the outbreak of Coronavirus; the latest University guidance can be found on the Durham University Covid-19 Response pages.
MICHAELMAS term (October -December 2021) - We are delighted to continue to offer our virtual events throughout Michaelmas 2021 and we also intend to resume on-campus outdoor promotional activity. We are currently accepting provisional bookings for events of this nature. During this time, the following information will apply:

There are no charges for holding a virtual event at Durham University.

  • Currently our usual diary clash policy will only apply to Recruitment Spotlight events. All other events will fall outside the diary clash policy so therefore please be aware that your event might take place at the same time as another event from within the same sector.
  • Recruitment Spotlight events will be hosted on the University's own virtual events platforms. Other event types can either be hosted on your preferred choice of platform, or we would be happy to set up and manage your event on our systems.
  • Recording is only a requirement for Spotlight events but if you are holding another type of event through our platforms, we would like to record your event to make it available to Durham University students who were unable to attend. Recording permissions will be requested on the booking form. Of course, some events would not be appropriate to record such as 1:1 drop-in sessions.
  • Booking forms are only required for Recruitment Spotlight events, promo events or for those where you require the use of Durham's virtual events platforms. For all other event advertising, please email details to
  • All events which are exclusively for Durham University students will be advertised in the weekly events bulletin, circulated each Tuesday. Upgraded advertising options are available for all types of events.
  • If your event is exclusive to Durham University students, this will be clearly communicated to students in event promotions.
  • All content for event advertising must be received by no later than the Monday of the week prior to your event taking place. For example, if your event is taking place on Friday 23rd October, we would require the details by no later than Monday 12th October. If we do not receive information in time, we will be unable to advertise your event.
  • Your organisation must be registered on our system before we are able to advertise your event.

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