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Career Fairs - Autumn 2021

Durham career fairs will be taking place virtually in 2021, in partnership with Graduateland for the 2nd year running. If you didn't exhibit with us last year, please see a quick overview below of what to expect from the Graduateland platform.

Durham Fairs with Graduateland at a glance: Customisable stall Filter & search function to tailor contact with eligible students 1:1 chat & video Group meetings – new for 2021! Live presentation slots (limited numbers available)
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The Careers & Internship Fair 

Wednesday 20th October, 10am - 4pm

The Durham Careers & Internship Fair is an annual event which enables graduate recruiters to meet a wide range of students and talk to them informally about aspirations, interests and opportunities. The Fair is a great opportunity to make personal contact with a large number of interested, high quality students. It is by far the most cost-effective way to meet potential recruits. A diverse range of local, national and international employers, voluntary organisations and higher education institutions attend the event.

Exhibit at the Careers & Internship Fair

Package cost: £250. Limited free places available for charities and SMEs.

The STEM Careers & Internship Fair

Wednesday 3rd November, 10am - 4pm

This event is aimed at all science faculty students and researchers and we welcome recruiters with summer internships or placements to fill as well as graduate positions.

There are over 3000 students in the science faculty and many of these students are seeking a career within a related sector and the Fair offers organisations the chance to speak with talented and interested science undergraduates directly.

Exhibit at the STEM Fair

Package cost: £250. Limited free places available for charities and SMEs.

The Durham Law Fair

Wednesday 17th November, 10am - 4pm

Durham has an internationally rated Law Department as well as having a large number of non-law students interested in a career in the legal profession. This event, which takes place in November, enables law firms to target those students and make them aware of your vacation placements and training contracts.

Exhibit at the Durham Law Fair

Package cost: £250. 


This year we are taking the decision to run all employer bookings for the Careers & Internships Fair through our internal system Target Connect, if your company is not registered to our system you will not be able to make a booking. If you are having problems logging in or are unsure if your company already has a profile on the system please contact Kat Addison at

To register your company please follow click here


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