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Other Departments and Services

There are many more support available to businesses across Durham University. The university has 4 faculties: Business School, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Sciences and Faculty of Social Sciences and Health. Across the 4 faculties there are 26 academic departments. For more information on our academic faculties and departments click here. We also have other professional services department such as Research and Innovation Services (RIS) that provide a host of business collaboration opportunities. Below are more information regarding business collaboration opportunities from some of our departments and faculties.

Engineering Department

The engineering department provides employability support to students and works with industry partners:

  • to advertise their opportunities such as internships or graduate positions either on our Employability SharePoint site, via Zoom or through on-site presentations.
  • to offer custom student projects as part of the curriculum, namely Capstone dissertations and Group Design Projects.

If you would like to get in touch with the Engineering department to discuss the above opportunities, please contact Dr Oliver Vogt

Furthermore, the department also works on specific projects customised to their industry partners’ needs through PhD scholarships, post-docs and other specialised industry-funded projects. Contact to get in touch about this.

Engineering Building External

Research & Innovation Services

Durham University works with external organisations across a wide range of sectors. Whether you are interested in collaborating with our world-leading academics or you wish to access our research facilities and equipment, we can work with you.

For more information on how Durham University can help you with all aspects of research and research-related work, including securing funding, working with partners, undertaking knowledge exchange, demonstrating impact, commercialising outputs, ensuring good research practice and supporting professional development, visit the Research & Innovation Services webpages.