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Due to delays in CAS issuing some students may have incurred additional expenses for costs associated with joining the University. The University has created this fund to support those students and to ensure that no student is in financial hardship as a result of delays in the CAS.


Application Process

Applications must be submitted by 5th November 2021.  Applications will be reviewed by end of November and if you meet the criteria in terms of when your CAS was issued (after 1st September) and the type of expenses incurred, you will be contacted for proof of the expenses and evidence of financial hardship incurred as a result by the end of November.


Financial support for those who are late due to CAS delays

The University has agreed that special financial support for students will be made available to those who are suffering financial hardship due to any of the three areas below:

  • Additional expenses due to needing to cancel or change flight booking
  • Additional expenses incurred as part of visa processes
  • Additional expenses due to needing to cancel or change accommodation bookings

In order to be eligible for support, students will need to evidence these expenses and that they were non-refundable.

Students will also need to provide evidence of their family’s household income which must be translated into English. Students with household income equivalent to more than £70,004 would not normally be considered to be in hardship and thus not eligible for reimbursement but are still welcome to apply.


Process for making an application for transferee financial support

Financial reimbursement payments will be made to students on a one-off basis, by the end of Michaelmas term.

Students will be expected to submit an application by 12th November via the following form:

If you cannot access this application form please email

Payments will be made directly to student bank accounts on a one-off basis.


Applying for hardship funding

Students at Durham University and identified as having a family income above £70,004 per annum will still be able to apply for financial support through the University’s standard Financial Hardship process if their application meet’s eligibility criteria.  Details of hardship funding can be found here:


Contact Information

Students who need further information in the first instance should contact the International Office at