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Durham University is committed to supporting the best postgraduate students.  The following scholarships are either funded by Durham University through partnerships with external organisations, or through generous donations from alumni and friends of Durham.


Postgraduate Taught Programmes (PGT)

Postgraduate Research Programmes (PGR)

Please ensure that you submit an academic application to Durham University by the deadline date of the scholarship you are applying for.


Online Scholarship Application Guidance

Online Application Troubleshooting

Scholarship Application Status
British Council Women in STEM - PGT Deadline midnight on 18th March 2022
Chevening Scholarships - PGT Deadline 02/11/2021 
China Scholarship Council - PGR Deadline 23:59 (UK) 30/04/22 
Colfuturo - PGT/PGR Please see web site 
Commonwealth Masters Scholarships - PGT Deadline 16:00 (UK) 01/11/2021 
Commonwealth Shared Scholarships - PGT Open 10th November 2021 to 16.00 (UK) on 20th December 2021
Commonwealth PhD Scholarships - PGR Deadline 16:00 (UK) 01/11/2021 
Commonwealth Split-Site Doctoral Scholarships Due to open November 2022 
Durham Doctoral Studentships Peace and Trust  Deadline 5.00 p.m. 20th June 2022
Durham Palestine Educational Trust - PGT Open 1st January 2022 to 30th March 2022
Durham Training Partnerships and Centres - PGR  
Fulbright - Durham Scholarship - PGT Deadline 17:00 (UK) 12/10/21 
Hatfield Lioness Scholarship - PGT Opens 1st January 2022 to 31st March 2022
Marshall Scholarship - PGT  
Postgraduate Student Support Scholarships - PGT and MRes Deadline 30th June 2022 
Research Council Awards - PGR  
Ruth First Scholarship - PGT Oen 16th February to 24th March 2022
Said Scholarship - PGT Deadline 17:00 (UK) 29/10/21 

Durham University makes every effort to ensure that the information published or contained on its website is accurate. However, the University cannot guarantee the information may not subsequently be altered owing to circumstances beyond the University's reasonable control. Such circumstances include (but are not limited to) changes in Government policy or change of law. Whilst any changes will be incorporated into the University's website any person wishing to clarify the details of a particular scholarship/s should contact the University at


Our Thanks

We are so grateful for the gifts that we receive from our alumni and supporters.
Your support is helping Durham to inspire the great minds and leaders of tomorrow.