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Research on the World Heritage Site

Durham World Heritage site has been a place of learning for over 900 years. Today it continues to be a centre for world leading research.   

The Durham World Heritage Site Research Framework was agreed in 2015 as part of the overall Management Plan for the site.  

The Research Framework has two objectives. First, to place academic research at the core of future management, conservation, interpretation, and investigation of the Durham World Heritage Site. Secondly, it explores and prioritises key avenues for further work, presenting a strategy through which this research can be taken forward.  

Only through rigorous, academically informed research can our understanding and appreciation of the Cathedral, Castle and their environs be progressed. This robust framework aims to contribute actively to the improved appreciation of the rich archaeological, architectural, and historical record of Durham’s World Heritage Site. 

Explore our Durham World Heritage Site Research Framework.

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Durham World Heritage Site Management Plan