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Tropical Bugs and Insects

A large centipede crawling over a person's hand.

The glasshouses are home to our collection of bugs, insects and spiders, including scorpions and tarantulas. 

They contain several large tanks, housing habitats for the Botanic Garden’s collection of tropical insects and bugs. Seeing these creatures up-close is a highlight our Garden tour, especially with our younger visitors! 

Our family of insects, arachnids and other creepy-crawlies stretches from around the world, with tropical beetles and millipedes accompanying scorpions from the dry heat of the desert. The collection’s centrepiece is our tarantulas, huge spiders that scare and fascinate in equal measure. 

During specially organised events, our gardeners bring out the insects for closer inspection by the public. Children may even have the opportunity to handle the creatures (don’t worry, they’re not dangerous). 

We also have a large pond where children can feed the fish - goldfish, comets, grass carp and Koi.