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25 July 2022 - 29 July 2022

9:00AM - 5:00PM

Durham University Business School, Mill Hill Lane, Durham, DH1 3LB

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This is the image alt text Durham Islamic Finance Summer School (DIFSS) 2022

Why an Islamic Finance training programme?

The Islamic banking and finance (IBF) industry has demonstrated substantial growth since the beginning of the century with the expanding product offerings and the emergence of markets such as the Sukuk market. Today, more than 500 IBF institutions are operating worldwide, which are claimed to manage assets worth no less than US$2.5 trillion, while the assets held in IBF institutions were only less than $10 billion in 1985. In Malaysia, IBF institutions have already captured the 27% of the market share, in terms of assets owned, while it is expected that Islamic finance will be the mainstream finance in the Gulf region in the coming years.

Such immense growth has brought Islamic finance to the attention of the international banking and finance community, prompting the major banks to set up Islamic financial windows to take advantage of the demand for Shari'ah-compliant finance. While Islamic capital markets, Islamic financial markets and Islamic money market have expanded the reach of IBF to new clients and jurisdictions.

As a result of these exciting developments, financiers and bankers working in the field or those who wish to enter the Islamic financial market need to be aware of and trained in the principles, operations, techniques and mechanism of Islamic finance and financial products as well as the dynamics of Islamic financial, capital and money markets.

Durham Islamic Finance Summer School (DIFSS) aims to provide such knowledge, skills and expertise, and help place participants in an advantageous position for entering and working in the Islamic financial sector. The programme is delivered mostly by leading Islamic financiers and bankers from across the world.

Durham Centre for Islamic Economics and Finance has an international reputation in teaching, conducting cutting-edge research and publishing in Islamic economics, banking and finance for about thirty years. Many of our Islamic economics, banking and finance graduates and participants of the Summer School have gone on to work in the Islamic finance sector or now teach Islamic economics and finance all over the world.

The DIFSS allows participants to take advantage of the Centre's expertise to enhance and develop their knowledge skills over a 5-day intensive programme.


  • Islamic Financial Contracts and Their Applications
  • Venture Capital and Fintech in the Context of Islamic Finance
  • Islamic Digital Economy
  • Liquidity Management Practices in Islamic Financial Institutions
  • Corporate and Shariah Governance in Islamic Financial Institutions
  • Islamic Social Welfare Institutions and Socio-Economic Development 
  • Dynamics of Halal Markets
  • Emerging Shari’ah Issues in Islamic Finance Practice
  • Islamic Finance Industry’s Next Frontier: Inclusive Economies, Institutions, and Finance


  • Fintech Innovation in Islamic Financial Services
  • Product Development Process in Islamic Financial Institutions
  • Sukuk Structuring Workshop
  • Structuring Shari’ah Compliant Investment Funds
  • Risk Management in Islamic Financial Institutions

Who should attend?

  • financiers, bankers, professional researchers, and academic researchers
  • those intending to work in, and new entrants to, the Islamic financial sector
  • those already working in the sector who wish to improve their academic and practical knowledge and experience
  • academics, professional researchers and postgraduate students
  • anyone wishing to learn more and develop skills about this emerging industry

Further information

For more details please email: or telephone +44 (0)191 334 7179


Course Fees vary, see below for details.
  • Professional Fee: GBP 1,500
  • Academics and Professional Researchers Fee: GBP 1,000
  • Student (Unwaged): GBP 800