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Business Projects


Access our talent, resources, knowledge and experience through a Business Project

A Business Project with us can help you tackle issues or opportunities you may not have the time or resources to address, give an objective insight you need, deliver practical recommendations specific to your business, and much more. 

What’s in it for you? 

Many of the world’s leading businesses have already benefited from Business Projects. Here are just some of the many benefits: 

  • Leading-edge thinking: gain high quality, tailored research on the issues that matter to your business
  • Practical advice: discover new ways to gain a competitive advantage and improve performance
  • In-depth knowledge: access the extensive resources of Durham University Business School
  • A fresh perspective: draw on our multidisciplinary, multicultural perspectives and the latest business knowledge
  • A comprehensive final management report

How do they work? 

We want to make sure both sides benefit from the experience, so we will work closely with you from the outset. We’ll collaborate to generate consultancy ideas and ensure the project meets academic and business demands. 

Students work with companies on a consultancy-type basis. They are allocated an academic supervisor from the Business School and require a supervisor from the company to offer guidance and support throughout the period. They will spend a relatively short amount of time on-site in order to speak to relevant staff and gather the data that they need for the project. However, they will keep in regular contact via meetings (in person or virtual), email and telephone.

We understand that many of our projects will touch on confidential company information, so we will always work with complete integrity and discretion. 

What’s the difference between an MBA and Business Analytics Project? 

MBA students have an average of seven years’ management experience and tackle a broad range of business issues, whereas Business Analytics students can offer to conduct an in-depth analysis of data, at an advanced level, to investigate a particular business issue. 

Projects will tackle important business issues or areas for strategic development and can be internally facing (for example, hiring strategy, corporate culture, corporate social responsibility) or externally facing (for example, marketing strategies, client relationship management, or competitor analysis). 

Across both programmes, students seek to apply their academic teaching and theories to practical real-life examples, culminating in a strategic report with recommendations for your business.