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17 June 2024 - 18 June 2024

9:15AM - 5:00PM

Pemberton Building, Durham University

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Join us for the 2024 Durham University International Workshop in Experimental and Environmental Economics

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2024 Durham University International Workshop in Experimental and Environmental Economics

Organisers: The centres for Experimental Methods and Behavioural Research and Environmental and Energy Economics of the Durham University Business School, School of Economics at Xiamen University, The Center for Behavioral and Experimental Research of Wuhan University, The Economic Science Institute of Chapman University.

Locations: All sessions are in Pemberton Building PG20, and Coffee Breaks/Lunches are in Pemberton PG21.

Presentations: All presentations are 25 minutes + 5 minutes of Q&A. Presenters please load your slide decks before the start of your session. Chairs should strictly monitor these guidelines. Participants please present your questions as clearly and concisely as possible.

17 June 2024

9:15 am          Session I Experimental/Behavioral

Chair: Jason Shachat (Durham University)

A. Sen Geng (Xiamen University), “The Errors Behind Being Persuaded”

B. William Banner (Durham University), “Public Goods with Asymmetric Valuations”

C. Gabriele Camera (Chapman University), “Truth by Consensus: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation”

10:45 am         Coffee Break I

11:15 am         Welcoming Comments from Professor Cathy Cassell, Executive Dean

11:30 am         Session II Experimental/Behavioral

Chair: Andis Sofianos (Durham University)

A. Morten Lau (Copenhagen Business School and Durham University), “Structural Estimation of Higher Order Risk Attitudes”

B. Jason Shachat (Durham University), “Gender (Non-)Differences in Risk Attitudes within a Chinese Sample”

12:30 pm        Lunch

1:30 pm          Session III Experimental/Behavioural

Chair: Aleksei Chernulich (Durham University)

A. William Bird (Durham University), “Asymmetric Dictator Game: An Experiment”

B. Shapeng Jiang (Wuhan University), “Dictators and Lying Dictators”

C. Lijia Wei (Wuhan University), “Overcoming Medical Overuse with AI: An Experimental Investigation”

3:00 pm          Coffee Break II

3:30 pm          Session IV Experimental/Behavioral

Chair: Demid Getik (Durham University)

A. Aleksei Chernulich (Durham University), “Dual Auctions: An Experiment”

B. Matthew Walker (Newcastle University), “Foot-in-the-Door Auctions: Surcharges in Online Procurement”

6:00 pm           Dinner at the Hatfield College


18 June 2024

9:30 am          Durham Cathedral Group Tour

11:30 am        Session V Environmental

Chair: Alejandro Caparròs (Durham University)

A. Zhi Li (Xiamen University), “A Wind Tunnel Test of Alternative Emissions Trading Schemes”

B. Lucia Sbragia (Durham University), “International Environmental Agreements in the presence of adaptation and self-image

12:30 pm        Lunch

1:30 pm          Session VI Environmental

Chair: Lucia Sbragia (Durham University)

A. Alejandro Caparròs (Durham University), “Gradual Coalition Formation and Mixed Strategies in International Environmental Agreements”

B. Yinggang Zhou (Xiamen University), “Has National Carbon Emissions Trading Enhanced the Price and Volume Spillovers Among the Chinese Carbon Markets?”

C. Lucy Naga (Durham University), “Coal Legacies and Geothermal Futures: Choice modelling analysis of how identity and social norms influence household preferences for renewable heating systems”

3:00 pm          Coffee Break II

3:30 pm          Session VII Environmental

Chair: Zhi Li (Xiamen University)

A. Ric Scarpa (Durham University), "Individual preferences for food items within couples: validating choice experiments predictions with real purchases data"

B. Vasileios "Bill" Kallinterakis (Durham University), "Preying on the Herd: Herding and Informed Trading in Chinese Equity Markets"

C. Thomas Renstrom (Durham University), "Green Investment and Kantian Morality"

6:30 pm          Dinner Nadon Thai, 69/70 Crossgate, Durham, DH1 4PR



Free but registration by email is essential