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Jiyoun Han

PhD Student

PhD Student in the Business School


Ji Youn Han is a first-year Doctoral student in Marketing at Durham University under Professor Gretchen Larsen and Professor Benedetta Cappellini. Ji Youn received her bachelor's degree in Music with a major in cello performance. After finishing her undergraduate studies, she decided to switch her major to study Business. Then, she received her master's degree from the University of Leeds in Music and Management.

Before coming to Durham, she worked in the top classical-music company named CREDIA in Korea. She participated in the project with renowned classical music artists such as Yo-Yo MA Silkroad Ensemble, 120 Years of DG Anniversary, Richard Yongjae O’Neill’s” Present” Concert, Vienna Boys Choir New Year’s Concert, Pink Fong Classic Land and more. With her rich experience in the industry and as a music fan herself, the topic of her research is "The hierarchy of fandom"

Mini biography

Ji Youn Han is currently a first-year PhD student at Durham University. Her current interests include Music Industry, Fan, Fandom and Social Psychology. She is interested in seeing diverse relationships between fans to understand their most important values as a consumer.

Research interests

  • Consumer behaviour
  • Fan
  • Fandom
  • Music Industry
  • Social Psychology
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