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The Durham-EBS MBA is much more than a qualification – it is your gateway to a world of opportunities. Our careers team will make sure you maximise your chances of success, helping you develop that all-important edge.

Our Career Development Programme has been designed alongside our core academic programme, to help you develop the particular interpersonal skills employers are looking for. Focusing on the demands of global MBA recruiters, and feedback from MBA alumni, the programme has been created in partnership with programme directors and leading training partners.

The programme includes the following key elements:

Residential induction

To kick-start the Career Development Programme, you’ll be invited to attend a residential induction. This provides a great opportunity for you to meet and get to know other students and staff, settle into the Executive MBA, as well as enhance your self-awareness and develop, demonstrate and receive feedback on essential interpersonal skills.

Boardroom activity

Our unique boardroom activity is an elective module that enables you to put your business skills to the test in a live boardroom setting. By replicating the tensions and challenges of a real boardroom it helps develop vital interpersonal skills such as strategy and decision making. The activity culminates in a role-play of a boardroom meeting, where experienced company executives chair the session and provide guidance, direction and feedback. It’s also a great opportunity to meet and build your network with corporate partners.