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Our Recent Publications


Healy, John; Hughes, Jeffrey; Donnelly-Cox, Gemma; Shantz, Amanda. A long and winding road: The hard graft of scaling social change in complex systems. Journal of Business Venturing Insights (2024)

Muñoz, Pablo; Farny, Steffen; Kibler, Ewald; Salmivaara, Virva. How founders harness tensions in hybrid venture development. Business & Society (2024)

Chowdhury, Farzana; Audretsch, David B. Is Nonprofit Entrepreneurship Unique? Small Business Economics (2024)

Muñoz-Roman, Pablo; Hernández, Mauricio. Human-animal mutualism in regenerative entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship and Regional Development (2024)

David, Audretsch B.; Maksim, Belitski; Farzana, Chowdhury; Sameeksha, Desai. Regulating entrepreneurship quality and quantity. Research Policy (2024)


Chowdhury, Farzana; Audretsch, David B.; Belitski, Maksim. Knowledge investment and search for innovation: Evidence from the UK firms. The Journal of Technology Transfer (2023)

Morales-Raya, Matilde; Muñoz, Pablo. Varieties of Time in Business Sustainability Research: an Integrative Review and Research Agenda. Organization and Environment (2023)

Muñoz-Roman, Pablo; Braun, Susanne; Chowdhury, Farzana; Barton, Marieshka; Jayne-Little, Nicola; Komes, Jessica; Rowland, Joanne; Sykes, Katherine; Smith, Jason; Talbot-Jones, Clare; Taggart, Adele. The Deterioration of Self-Worth in Entrepreneurship. Journal of Business Venturing Insights (2023)

Xia, Senmao; Song, Jianmin; Ameen, Nisreen; Vrontis, Demetris; Yan, Ji; Chen, Fengwen. What Changes and Opportunities Does Big Data Analytics Capability Bring to Strategic Alliance Research? A Systematic Literature Review. International Journal of Management Reviews (2023)

Audretsch, David B.; Belitski, Maksim; Caiazza, Rosa; Chowdhury, Farzana; Menter, Matthias. Entrepreneurial growth, value creation and new technologies. The Journal of Technology Transfer. (2023)

Kimmitt, Jonathan; Muñoz, Pablo. Outcomes-based contracts and the hidden turn to public  value management. Organization (2023)

Li, Lixu; Chen, Lujie; Yan, Ji; Xu, Cheng; Jiang, Nan. How does technological opportunism affect firm performance? The mediating role of resource orchestration. Journal of Business Research (2023)

FitzGerald, C; Fraser, A; Kimmitt, J; Knoll, L; Williams, JW. Outcomes-based Contracting and Public Management Reform: Lessons from a Decade of Experimentation. International Public Management Journal (2023)

Chowdhury, Farzana; Audretsch, David B. Paradoxes of accelerator programs and new venture performance: Do varieties of experiences make a difference? Small Business Economics (2023)

Yao, Nengzhi; Yan, Karena; Tsinopoulos, Christos; Bai, Junhong. The organizational determinants of open innovation: a literature framework and future research directions. Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies (2023)

Urbano, David; Aparicio, Sebastian; Scott, Stephanie; Martinez-Moya, Diego. Inside out: The interplay between institutions and digital technologies for SMEs performance. Entrepreneurship and Regional Development (2023)

Muñoz, P.; Kimmitt, J.; Spigel, B. Trans-contextual work: doing entrepreneurial contexts in the periphery. Small Business Economics (2023)

Muñoz, P.; Dimov, D. Facing the future through entrepreneurship theory: A prospective inquiry framework. Journal of Business Venturing (2023)

Yan, Ji; Yu, Zihao; Fernandes, Kiran; Xiong, Yu. Dual networks: how does knowledge network embeddedness affect firms' supply chain learning? International Journal of Operations & Production Management (2023)

Schuler, B.; Orr, K.; Hughes, J. My colleagues (do not) think the same: Middle managers’ shared and separate realities in strategy implementation. Journal of Business Research (2023)

Kakarika, Maria; Taghavi, Shiva; González-Gómez, Helena. Don’t Shoot the Messenger? A Morality- and Gender-based Model of Reactions to Negative Workplace Gossip. Journal of Business Ethics (2023)

Kimmitt, Jonathan; Kibler, Ewald; Schildt, Henri; Oinas, Päivi. Place in entrepreneurial storytelling: A study of cultural entrepreneurship in a deprived context. Journal of Management Studies (2023)

Chen, S.; Sharma, G.; Muñoz, P. In pursuit of impact: From research questions to problem formulation in entrepreneurship research. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (2023)

Gamble, E.; Muñoz, P.; Fox, K. Is it time to clean up US tax-exempt nonprofit reporting? Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal (2023)

Johnson, David; Gianiodis, Peter T.; Harrison, Richard T.; Bock, Adam J. From laboratory to clinic: science commercialization within university‚Äźcentered entrepreneurial ecosystems. R&D Management (2023)

Ren, S.; Huang, M.; Liu, D.; Yan, J. Understanding the impact of Mandatory CSR Disclosure on Green Innovation: Evidence from Chinese Listed Firms. British Journal of Management (2023)


Johnson, David; Geiger, Mark; Gianiodis, Peter T. The Role of University-Industry Contract Research Narratives in Determining Resourcefulness. Academy of Management Proceedings (2022)

Barton, M.; Muñoz, P. The magical language of un-realistic venture ideas in social entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship and Regional Development (2022)

Muñoz, P.; Dimov, D. A translational framework for entrepreneurship research. Journal of Business Venturing Insights (2022)

Muñoz, Pablo; Gamble, Edward; Beer, Haley. Impact measurement in an emerging social sector: Four novel approaches. Academy of Management Discoveries (2022)

Johnson, David. Improving Academic-Industry Engagement Through Language. University of Glasgow (2022)

French, M; Kimmitt, J; Wilson, R; Jamieson, D; Lowe, T. Social impact bonds and public service reform: back to the future of New Public Management? International Public Management Journal (2022)

Kimmitt, J.; Mandakovic, V.; Muñoz, P. Social problem scale, public investment and social entrepreneurship action. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research (2022)

Audretsch, David B.; Belitski, Maksim; Chowdhury, Farzana; Desai, Sameeksha. CEO gender, institutional context and firm exports. International Business Review (2022)

Brieger, Steven A.; Chowdhury, Farzana; Hechavarría, Diana M.; Muralidharan, Etayankara; Pathak, Saurav; Lam, Yan Tong. Digitalization, Institutional Voids and New Venture Internationalization. Journal of International Management (2022)

Gamble, Edward; Muñoz, Pablo. When tax-exempt nonprofits detract value from society. Academy of Management Perspectives (2022)

Kimmitt, J. Microfinance and entrepreneurial finance: A review and future research agenda. De Gruyter (2022)


Kakarika, Maria; Biniari, Marina; Guillén, Laura; Mayo, Margarita. Where does the heart lie? A multistage process model of entrepreneurial passion and role identity management. Journal of Organizational Behavior (2022)


Li, W.; Liu, Z.; Xia, S.; Yan, J.; Xiong, Y.; Sakka, G.; Li, Yu. How can emerging-market SMEs domestically benefit from their performance in developed countries? Empirical evidence from China. Journal of Business Research (2022)