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Businessman using a calculator and graphThis is a list of selected publications by members of this Research Centre. 


Mikhalishchev, Sergei. Optimal menu when agents make mistakes. Research in Economics (2023)

Janssen, Maarten; Williams, Cole. Consumer Search and Product Returns in E-Commerce. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics (2023)

Mukherjee, Arijit; Saha, Bibhas. Bilateral Delegation, Wage Bargaining and Innovation. Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics (2023)

Lehrer, Ehud; Wang, Tao. The Value of Information in Stopping Problems. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics (2023)

Sofianos, Andis; Lambrecht, Marco; Xu, Yilong. Does mining fuel bubbles? An experimental study on cryptocurrency markets. Management Science (2023)

Peng, Yan; Shachat, Jason; Wei, Lijia; Sarah Zhang, S. Speed traps: Algorithmic trader performance under alternative market balances and structures. Experimental Economics (2023)

Lee, Joosung; Li, Daniel Z. Seller Compound Search for Bidders. The Journal of Industrial Economics (2023)

Williams, Cole. Echo Chambers: Social Learning under Unobserved Heterogeneity. The Economic Journal (2023)

Chowdhury, Subhasish M.; Young Jeon, Joo; Saha, Bibhas. Eye-image as Nonverbal Social Cue has Asymmetric Gender Effects in Dictator Taking Games. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics (2023)

Lagziel, David; Lehrer, Ehud. Performance Cycles. Economic Theory (2023)

Castagnetti, Alessandro; Proto, Eugenio; Sofianos, Andis. Anger Impairs Strategic Behavior: A Beauty-Contest Based Analysis. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2023)

King, S.; Ginsburg, A.; Driver, A.; Belle, E.M.S.; Campos, P.; Caparrós, A.; Zaman, H.; Brown, C. Accounting for protected areas: Approaches and applications. Ecosystem Services (2023)

Anbarci, Nejat; Cingiz, Kutay; Ismail, Mehmet S. Proportional resource allocation in dynamic n-player Blotto games. Mathematical Social Sciences (2023)

Bischi, Gian Italo; Sbragia, Lucia. Evolutionary Dynamics in Heterogeneous Oligopolies for the Exploitation of Renewable Natural Resources. Rivista internazionale di scienze sociali (2023)

Breton, Michèle; Sbragia, Lucia. Self-image and the Stability of International Environmental Agreements. Ecological Economics (2023)

Li, Daniel Z.; Li, Zeren; Zhang, Qi. Public investment as downward benefit distribution: Theory and evidence from China’s public–private partnership programs. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2023)

Dogan, Battal; Yenmez, M. Bumin. When does an additional stage improve welfare in centralized assignment? Economic Theory (2023)

Pycia, Marek; Yenmez, M Bumin. Matching with Externalities. The Review of Economic Studies (2023)


Proto, Eugenio; Rustichini, Aldo; Sofianos, Andis. Intelligence, Errors, and Cooperation in Repeated Interactions. The Review of Economic Studies (2022)

Oechssler, Joerg; Reischmann, Andreas; Sofianos, Andis. The conditional contribution mechanism for repeated public goods – The general case. Journal of Economic Theory (2022)

Sofianos, Andis. Self-reported & revealed trust: Experimental evidence. Journal of Economic Psychology (2022)

Di Tillio, A.; Lehrer, E.; Samet, D. Monologues, dialogues, and common priors. Theoretical Economics (2022)

Lagziel, David; Lehrer, Ehud. Screening Dominance: A Comparison of Noisy Signals. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics (2022)

Rahman, Muhammad Habibur; Anbarci, Nejat; Ulubaşoğlu, Mehmet A. “Storm autocracies”: Islands as natural experiments. Journal of Development Economics (2022)

Amin, Sakib; Marsiliani, Laura; Renström, Thomas; Taghizadeh-Hesary, Farhad. The Vulnerability to Oil Price Shocks of the Bangladesh Economy (2022)

Amin, Sakib; Jamasb, Tooraj; Llorca, Manuel; Marsiliani, Laura; Renström, Thomas. Decarbonisation Policies and Energy Price Reforms in Bangladesh. Energy Policy (2022)

Alqobali, Hala; Li, Daniel. The Consequence of Takeover Methods: Schemes of Arrangement vs. Takeover Offers. International Journal of Financial Studies (2022)

Campos, Pablo; Mesa, Bruno; Álvarez, Alejandro; Oviedo, José L.; Caparrós, Alejandro. Towards measuring environmental income through a refined United Nations SEEA EA: Application to publicly-owned, protected, pine-forest-farm case studies in Andalusia, Spain. Ecological Economics (2022)

Marino Fages, Diego; Morales Cerda, Matías. Migration and social preferences. Economics Letters (2022)

Yazici, Ayse. Decentralized Matching at Senior-Level: Stability and Incentives. Journal of Mathematical Economics (2022)

Amin, S; Jamasb, T; Llorca, M; Marsiliani, L; Renstrom, T. The Case of Waste to Energy in Bangladesh (2022)

Vosooghi, Sareh; Caparrós, Alejandro. Information disclosure and dynamic climate agreements: Shall the IPCC reveal it all? European Economic Review (2022)


Hagen, Martin, and Ángel Hernando-Veciana. Multidimensional bargaining and posted prices. Journal of Economic Theory 196 (2021).

Lee, Joosung, and Daniel Li. Sequential search with adaptive intensity. International Economic Review (2021).

Anbarcı, Nejat, Ching-Jen Sun, and M. Utku Ünver. Designing practical and fair sequential team contests: The case of penalty shootouts. Games and Economic Behavior 130 (2021).

Galanis, Spyros. Dynamic consistency, valuable information and subjective beliefs. Economic Theory 71.4 (2021).

Amin, S. Jamasb, T., Llorca, M. Marsiliani, L., Renström, T. I. & Sarkar, A. Captive Power, Market Access and Macroeconomic Performance: Reforming the Bangladesh Electricity Sector. Energy Economics 102: 105468. (2021).

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Bag, Parimal K., Bibhas Saha, and Shiva Sikdar. Prejudice, bias and identity neutral policy. Social Choice and Welfare 56.1 (2021).

Breton, Michele, and Lucia Sbragia. Intra-brand competition in a differentiated oligopoly. Journal of Economics 132.1 (2021).

Renström, Thomas I., and Spataro, Luca. Optimal taxation in an endogenous growth model with variable population and public expenditure. Journal of Public Economic Theory 23(4). (2021).

Anbarcı, Nejat, Ching-Jen Sun, and M. Utku Ünver. Designing practical and fair sequential team contests: The case of penalty shootouts. Games and Economic Behavior 130 (2021).

Galanis, Spyros. Group testing and social distancing. National Institute Economic Review 257 (2021).


Hernando-Veciana, Ángel, and Michael Tröge. Cheap talk and strategic rounding in Libor submissions. The Review of Financial Studies 33.6 (2020).

Renström, Thomas I., Spataro, Luca and Marsiliani, Laura. Can subsidies rather than pollution taxes break the trade-off between economic output and environmental protection? Energy Economics. (2020).

Wang, Jiunn, Laura Marsiliani, and Thomas Renström. Optimal sin taxes in the presence of income taxes and health care. Economics Letters 186 (2020).