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Our Research

The strong scholarship in Ethical Finance, Accountability and Governance, and the wide range of qualitative and quantitative skills of our faculty give us a distinctive advantage in pushing future directions of the ethical Finance and accountability research as well as industry.
Our Publications
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Research Areas

The following is a list of the EEFAG research areas:

Ethical Finance

  • Ethics and Finance
  • Islamic Banking & Finance
  • Participative Microfinance & Financial Inclusion
  • Socially Responsible Investments & Ethical Funds

Accountability & Governance

  • Accounting for Sustainable Development
  • Accounting and Society
  • Organisations Accountability and Social Responsibility
  • Corporate Reporting & Transparency
  • Corporate Governance

Visiting Scholar Scheme

The centre operates a visiting scholar scheme for top students, researchers and students from all over the world in the Centre's priority research areas.