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Prof Pablo Munoz

Professor in Entrepreneurship


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Professor in Entrepreneurship in the Business School  


I’m a social scientist trying to do useful research. My research looks at how entrepreneurship, in its mundane and complicated forms, creates value for society. With a focus on engaged scholarship, I explore how individuals use entrepreneurship to overcome challenging circumstances and build a more sustainable future and how to better conceptualise and measure the value of entrepreneurship.

My work has been published in leading management journals, such as Journal of Business Venturing, California Management Review, Journal of Management Studies, Academy of Management Discoveries and Academy of Management Perspectives; in innovation studies journals such as Research Policy and Technological Forecasting and Social Change; as well as in regional and environmental studies outlets, e.g., Business Strategy and the Environment, Organization & Environment, and Regional Studies. I have also published several policy reports on social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and at-risk groups, impact investing, and enterprise and rural development. My research has also been referenced in popular and specialised media such as Fast Company, Shareable, The Conversation, The European Business Review, The Telegraph, The Network for Business Sustainability and America Economia. I am Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship at the School of Business and Economics, Universidad del Desarrollo in Chile and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Business Venturing Insights.

Research interests

  • Social & sustainable entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship in the periphery

Media Contacts

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Journal Article

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