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Playing with Time

20 October 2018 - 11 November 2018 

MacDonald Gallery

What is the present and is the flow of time an illusion? 

These mind-bending questions were the catalyst for this project. The aim was to engage families and independent adults with complex ideas relating to the physics and philosophy of time, through an exhibition of playful and accessible artworks. 

Artist Alice Highet worked alongside Dr Beth Bromley at the Department of Physics, Durham University to explore how fundamental theories of physics such as relativity and thermodynamics, described the nature of time and how this related to our experience of lived time. 

Encompassing three interactive, kinetic and optical sculptural objects, this installation explored the physics themes outlined above. The exhibition was accompanied by a booklet explaining both the art and the physics. To find out more, visit the project website.

This installation is part of Celebrate Science.

View into the kaleidoscope artwork that was part of the exhibition

Image caption: View into the kaleidoscope artwork that was part of the exhibition.