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Centre for Macroeconomic Economic Policy Workshop

20th - 21st June 2024
Durham University Business School


Development Economics Workshop
27th-28th June 2024
Durham University Business School

Further details here:

CORE Econ workshop 2024
16th -17th September 2024
Durham University Business School

Join us at the upcoming CORE Econ workshop, which will take place at Durham University Business School from 16 to 17 September 2024. Co-organized by the Department of Economics, this workshop welcomes a diverse audience, including lecturers of undergraduate Economics modules, existing or prospective CORE instructors, teaching fellows of all career stages, and anyone who is passionate about Economics education or interested in incorporating CORE's materials into their teaching. 

Please visit the CORE Econ website for the detailed information and registration. See you soon!



Speaker Date and Time Venue Title 
Details of Scheduled Seminars for 2024/25 will be published soon!


Past Events


Speaker(s) Date Title

The keynote speakers include:


6th - 7th June 2024

4th Durham Economic Theory Conference, 6-7 June (organised by DREAM)

Xin Gao

29th May 2024

Reputational Cheap Talk vs. Reputational Delegation 

Sergey Popov

22nd May 2024

Tactical Refereeing and Signaling by Publishing

Emir Kamenica

15th May 2024

Commitment and randomization in communication

Amrit Amirapu

8th May 2024

Climate Change and Political Participation: Evidence from India

Jean-Paul Carvalho

1st May 2024

Zero-Sum Thinking, the Evolution of Effort-Suppressing Beliefs, and Economic Development

Marciano Siniscalchi

25th April 2024

Foundations for Structural Preferences

Federico Di Pace

6th March 2024

Commodity Prices and Fiscal Pro-cyclicality?

Prof. Christoph Görtz

21st February 2024

"Split Personalities: The Changing Nature of Technology Shocks" with Christopher Gunn and Thomas Lubik

Prof. Dominik Karos

14th February 2024

Strategic News Selection in Social Media” (joint work with Jurek Preker)

Professor Tim Worral (Joint with CEMAP)

7th February 2024

Intergeneration Insurance
Dr. Henrique Castro-Pires

24th January 2024

Monitoring, Performance Reviews, and Retaliation
Joosung Lee

17th January 2024

Matroid Search Problems and Greedy Pandora’s Rule
Dr Joseph Pearlman 10th January 2024 Imperfect Information and Hidden Dynamics
Dr Kevin Sheedy 29th November 2023 The Macroeconomics of Liquidity in Financial Intermediation
 Dr Flavio Toxvaerd 22nd November 2023 Manufacturer Certification in Second-Hand Markets
Andy Zapechelnyuk 15th November 2023 “Fair Hiring Procedures” (joint with Karl Schlag)
Savitar Sundaresan 8th November 2023 (In)efficiency in Information Acquisition and Aggregation through Prices
CMA Durham Workshop 6th and 7th November 2023  
Michele Breton 1st November 2023 International Environmental Agreements: Preferences, Stability and Effectiveness
Dimitri Migrow 18th October 2023 Strategic Observational Learning
Prof. Gabrielle Demange 11th October 2023 Two-way dual communication in a social network



Speaker Date Title
Professor Subhayu Bandyopadhyay 21st June 2023 Voluntary participation in a terror group and counterterrorism policy
Andre Hofmeyr 20th June 2023 The Trust Game: Salience, Beliefs, and Social History
Simon Vicary 15th June 2023 Do the Poor Benefit from an Uncertain Tax Base?
Prof. Pinghan Liang 14th June 2023 Breaking Drug Trafficking Chains: The Real Name Mailing Regulation and the Decline of Drug Use
DREAM Seminar - Ravi Jagadeesan 8th June 2023

Auctions with Withdrawal Rights with Alexander Haberman

Prof. Jörg Oechssler 7th June 2023 On the benefits of robo advice in financial markets
DREAM Seminar - Ernesto Rivera Mora 1st June 2023 "Neutral Mechanisms: On the Feasibility of Information Sharing". Guest panelist: Jacopo Perego and Ian Ball
Dr Savitar Sundaresan 1st June 2023 (In)efficiency in Information Acquisition and Aggregation through Prices
Levent Neyse 31st May 2023 Reproducibility and Household Panel Studies: Insights from the SOEP Innovation Sample
DREAM Seminar - Laura Doval 25th May 2023

The Core of Bayesian Persuasion

Joint with Ran Eilat.

QRFE Seminar - Fahad Saleh 25th May 2023

The Need For Fees at a DEX: How Increases in DEX Fees Can Increase DEX Trading Volume

Dr Hande Erkut 24th May 2023

Repugnant transactions: The role of agency and severe consequences

Prof. Juan-José Ganuza 17th May 2023

Renegotiation Discrimination and Favoritism in Symmetric Procurement Auctions

DREAM Seminar - Jakub Steiner  11th May 2023

"Growth and Likelihood". Guest panelists: Yuhta Ishii and Colin Stewart 

DREAM Seminar - Alice Hsiaw 4th May 2023

Bayesian Doublespeak

with Ing-Haw Cheng.


QRFE Seminar - Jia Li 4th May 2023

Optimal Inference for Spot Regressions

Philip Schnattinger

3rd May 2023

Credit Market Tightness and the Zombie Firm Share

DREAM Seminar - Stephen Morris

27th April 2023

Screening with Persuasion

joint with Dirk Bergemann and Tibor Heumann. Guest panelists: Ellen Muir and Andreas Kleiner


DREAM Seminar - Paulo Barelli

20th April 2023

Strategic Foundations of Rational Expectations

joint with Srihari Govindan and Robert Wilson.


DREAM Seminar - Wouter Dessein

30th March 2023

Test-Optional Admissions

DREAM Seminar -B. Douglas Bernheim

23rd March 2023

Who Controls the Agenda Controls the Polity

Professor Paola Conconi

15th March 2023

Multinational Ownership and Trade Participation

(with Glenn Magerman, Fabrizio Leone, and Catherine Thomas).


Dr Daniel Li

15th March 2023

Information Disclosure to Bidders with Heterogenous Preferences (with Ian Jewitt, Oxford)

Lucy Naga

14th March 2023 

Kantian Morality and Optimal Second-Best Commodity Taxation

Professor Horst Zank

8th March 2023 

Gain-Loss Utility for Prospect Theory

Professor Yong Chao

1st March 2023

Tying as an Instrument of Vertical Integration

Professor Yunus Aksoy

2nd March 2023

Profits, Firm Ownership and Aggregate Demand Externalities

Ming Yang

18th January 2023

Dynamic Contracting with Flexible Monitoring

Zafer Kanik

11th January 2023

Skill-Substitutability, Wage Inequality, and Productivity Growth

Professor Ian Jewitt

7th December 2022

Escaping the First Order Approach to Principal Agent Problems

Professor Alejandro Caparros

30th November 2022

Institution Formation in Coordination Games 
with Fixed Neighborhoods

Hisayuki Yoshimoto

30th November 2022 

Dynamic Incentives Behind Online Reviews: Theory and Evidence

Hyungseok Joo

23rd November 2022

Expenditure Consolidation and Sovereign Debt Restructurings: Front- or Back-loaded" co-authored with Tamon Asonuma (IMF)

Dr Andis Sofianos

19th October 2022

Reverse Bayesianism: Revising Beliefs in Light of Unforeseen Events

Professor Aditya Goenka 

19th October 2022

Modelling optimal lockdowns with waning immunity

Dr Doruk Cetemen

12th October 2022

A Signalling Approach to Reputation

( joint work with Chiara Margaria)