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2023-24 SEMINARS
Date Research Centre Speaker Title
10/06/2024 External Seminar / Finance & QRFE joint event Robert Kosowski - Imperial The Double-Edged Sword of The 2020 European Short-Selling Bans
23/05/2024 External Seminar / QRFE event Dimitri Vayanos - LSE QFRE Workshop on Quantitative Finance
10/05/2024 External Seminar / QRFE event Dacheng Xiu - Chicago Booth  Workshop on Asset Pricing and Machine Learning
13/03/2024 External Seminar / Finance Ettore Croci - Universita del Sacro Cuore, Milano Natural Disasters and Owners' Portfolio Diversification
06/03/2024 External Seminar / Finance Renee Adams - Oxford Directors Discussing Diversity
28/02/2024 External Seminar / Finance Huan Tang - Wharton Financing the Global Shift to Electric Mobility
21/02/2024 External Seminar / Finance Henri Servaes - LBS Do Consumers Care About ESG? Evidence from Barcode-Level Sales Data
14/02/2024 External Seminar / Finance Frederik Schlingemann - Pitssburgh

Local Effects of Stock Market Valuations: Local Volatility Spillovers in M&A Activity

07/02/2024 External Seminar / CBID Event Lakshmi Naaraayanan Individual Landlords in the Mortgage Market

External Seminar / CBID Event

Lorena Keller - Wharton Arbitraging Covered Interest-Rate Parity Deviations and Bank Lending

External Seminar / Finance

Sonny Biswas - Bristol Cross-subsidization across projects and investment efficiency

External Seminar / QFRE Event

Florian Weigert - University of Neuchatel Hedge funds and the positive idiosyncratic volatility effect

External Seminar / Finance

Ran Duchin - Boston College Sustainability or Greenwashing:
Evidence from the Asset Market for Industrial Pollution

External Seminar / Finance

Mara Faccio - Purdue Evidence from the Fall of Fascism in Italy

External Seminar / Finance

Anastasiia Parakhoniak - Durham The effect of algorithmic trading on pricing fat finger errors

External Seminar / CBID Event

Ioannis Floros - Wisconsin Premium PIPEs: Why do investors pay more than the market price?

External Seminar / Finance

Chen Yang - Glasgow Target Firm Home CEOs, ATPs, and Corporate Takeovers

External Seminar / Finance

Sohnke Bartram - Warwick Creative destruction, stock return volatility, and the number of listed firms.

External Seminar / Finance

Shohini Kundu - UCLA The Geography of Bank Deposits and the Origins of Aggregate Fluctuations.

External Seminar / QFRE Event

Albert Menkveld - Vrije Amsterdam

Market Microstructure, Fintech and AI


External Seminar / Finance

Dean Buckner - UK Shareholders Association The Probabilistic Approach to Option Pricing is Wrong.

External Seminar / Finance

Jamie Coen - Imperial Whose Asset Sales Matter?
2022-23 SEMINARS
Date Research Centre  Speaker  Title
07/06/2023 External Seminar/Finance Nickolay Gantchev - University of Warwick

Sustainability or Performance? Ratings and Fund Managers’ Incentives

30/05/2023 External Seminar/Finance & CBID joint event Denis Sosyura - Arizona State University Remotely Productive: The Efficacy of Remote Work for Executives
24/05/2023 External Seminar/CBID Finance Workshop Rustam Jamilov - Oxford University and Danny McGowan - Birmingham  University CBID Finance Workshop
28/04/2023 External Seminar/CBID seminar Iftekhar Hasan - Fordham University

Access to Finance and Racial Mortality Inequality

15/03/2023 External Seminar/Finance Gianluca Marcato - Henley Business School

Mortgage Strategic Default and Household Portfolio Composition

13/03/2023 External Seminar/Finance Kostas Nikolopoulos - Durham University Business School Forecasting the value effect of seasoned equity offerings and stock split announcements: pandemic effects, and driving investment decisions
08/03/2023 External Seminar/Finance Pedro Saffi - University of Cambridge Power Grab: Activists, Short Sellers and Disagreement
01/03/2023 External Seminar/Finance Leonardo Barbopoulos - Edinburgh

Market Efficiency in the Age of Machine Learning

22/02/2023 External Seminar/Finance Tetiana Davydiuk - Carnegie Mellon

Direct Lenders in the U.S. Middle Market

15/02/2023 External Seminar/Finance Tania Babina - Columbia

Firm Investments in Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Changes in Workforce Composition

08/02/2023 External Seminar/Finance Maarten Van Oordt - VU Amsterdam

The Emerging Autonomy-Stability Choice for Stablecoins

07/02/2023 External Seminar/Finance Frederic Malhebre - UCL The Cross-border Effects of Bank Capital Regulation
01/02/2023 External Seminar/Finance Marco Grotteria - London Business School Foreign Influence in US politics
25/01/2023 External Seminar/Finance Tarek Alexander Hassan - Boston University The Diffusion of Disruptive Technologies
18/01/2023 External Seminar/Finance Veronika Selezneva - CERGE, Charles University Oil Supply Elasticities: Indebtedness and Production Responses to the COVID-19 Shock
Date Research Centre  Speaker  Title
07/12/2022 External Seminar/Finance Matthew Baron - Cornell Measuring Time-Varying Disaster Risk: An Empirical Analysis of 'Dark Matter' in Asset Prices
30/11/2022 External Seminar/Finance Atif Mian The Saving Glut of the Rich
23/11/2022 External Seminar/Finance Sylvain Catherine - Wharton Social Security and Trends in Wealth Inequality
16/11/2022 External Seminar/CBID Event Simon Lloyd - Bank of England and Anna Lipinska - The Federal Reserve Board

Central Bankers’ Forum

Simon Lloyd:

“Foreign Vulnerabilities, Domestic Risks: The Global Drivers of GDP-at-Risk”

Anna Lipinska:

“Sharing Asymmetric Tail Risk: Smoothing, Asset Pricing and Terms of Trade”

09/11/2022 External Seminar/Finance E. Platanakis and G Zhou - Bath and Washington A Model-based Commodity Risk Measure on Commodity and Stock Market Returns
02/11/2022 External Seminar/Finance Michael Weber - Chicago Booth Monetary Policy through Production Networks: Evidence from the Stock Market
26/10/2022 External Seminar/Finance Dudley Gilder - Cardiff University Volatility Forecasts Embedded in the Prices of Crude-Oil Options
19/10/2022 External Seminar/Finance Indraneel Chakraborty - University of Miami Government-Directed Bank Lending, Human Capital, and Housing Price Inflation
12/10/2022 External Seminar/Finance Michaela Pagel - Columbia The Effect of Stock Ownership on Individual Spending and Loyalty
05/10/2022 External Seminar/Finance Christopher Hansman - Imperial College Effects of Credit Expansions on Stock Market Booms and Busts
22/06/2022 External Seminar/Finance Joint CBID event Philipp Krueger - Geneva School of Economics The Sustainability Wage Gap 
08/06/2022 External Seminar/Finance Pedro Gete IE Business School  
01/06/2022 External Seminar/Finance Joint CBID event Jenni Bai - Georgetown University Securities Lending and Corporate Financing: Evidence from Bond Issuance
25/05/2022 External Seminar/Finance Kebin Ma, Warwick Non-dilutive CoCo Bonds: A Necessary Evil?
18/05/2022 External Seminar/Finance Maria Correira Accounting for leases and corporate investment
27/04/2022 CBID/External Seminar/Finance Giovanni Covi - Bank of England Measuring Capital at Risk in the UK Banking Sector
23/03/2022 External Seminar/Finance Elena Simintzi
UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School
The Impact of the Opioid Crisis on Firm Value and Investment
10/03/2022 Quantitative Research in Financial Economics Raffaella Giacomini from the University College London Treatment effects without a control group
02/03/2022 External Seminar/Finance Maria Marchica
University of Manchester
Women in the Financial Sector
01/03/2022 External Seminar/Finance Elena Simintzi
UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School
24/02/2022 Quantitative Research in Financial Economics  Emanuele Bacchiocchi from the University of Bologna. SVARs with breaks: Identification and inference
23/02/2022 External Seminar/Finance Ambrogio Cesa-Bianchi
Bank of England
Crossing the Credit Channel: Credit Spreads and Firm Heterogeneity
23/02/2022 Quantitative Research in Financial Economics  Anna Bykhovskaya from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Cointegration in High-Dimensional VARs
17/02/2022 External Seminar/Finance Ambrogio Cesa-Bianchi
Bank of England
Crossing the Credit Channel: Credit Spreads and Firm Heterogeneity
16/02/2022 External Seminar/Finance Sotiris Kokas
Essex University
Real effects of imperfect bank-firm matching
10/02/2022 Quantitative Research in Financial Economics  Luke Taylor Aarhus University Type I and Type II Error Probabilities in the Courtroom
09/02/2022 External Seminar/Finance Guillaume Plantin
Sciences Po
27/01/2022 Quantitative Research in Financial Economics  Suhasini Subba Rao  University of Texas A&M Models for nonstationary time series
14/01/2022 Quantitative Research in Financial Economics  Alessia Paccagnini University College Dublin Identifying High-Frequency Shockswith Bayesian Mixed-Frequency VARs (with Fabio Parla)
13/01/2022 Quantitative Research in Financial Economics  Ilze Kalnina  North Carolina State University Cross-sectional Dependence in Idiosyncratic Volatility