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Head of Department

Andrew Parker
Head of Department of Management and Marketing, Professor in Leadership

Academic Staff

Roberta Aguzzoli 
Associate Professor in Management, Director of Undergraduate Marketing and Management

Peter Allen 
Associate Professor (Teaching) Associate Dean (External Engagement & Impact)

Nora Alomar
Teaching Associate

Spyros Angelopoulos
Associate Professor

Michael Anthonisz
Assistant Professor (Teaching) in Marketing

Chrysostomos Apostolidis
Assistant Professor in Marketing

Aarron Atkinson-Toal
Teaching Fellow

Barbara Bechter 
Associate Professor in HR Management

Bettina Becker
Associate Professor in Strategy and Innovation

Joanna Berry 
Associate Professor (Teaching) in Entrepreneurship

Markus Blut
Professor of Marketing and International Business

Onno Bouwmeester
Professor of Consulting and Business Ethics

Bernd Brandl 
Professor in Management

Susanne Braun 
Professor in Leadership

Jamie Callahan
Professor in Organisations & Society 

Benedetta Cappellini 
Professor in Marketing, Programme Director Durham/EBS MBA

Atanu Chaudhuri 
Associate Professor in Technology and Operations Management

Farzana Chowdhury 
Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship

Ladan Cockshut

Bart de Jong
Professor in Leadership and OB

Hong Deng 
Professor in Management

Yingli Deng
Associate Professor in Organisational Behaviour

Li Ding 
Associate Professor in Operations Management, Programme Director of Management

Chang Dong
Assistant Professor in Operations Management

Nick Ellis 
Emeritus Professor of Marketing Management

Olga Epitropaki 
Professor in Management, Director of Research, Fellow of the Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing, Deputy Executive Dean (Research)

Kiran Fernandes 
Professor of Operations Management, Associate Dean for Internationalisation

Jackie Ford 
Professor of Leadership and Organisation Studies, Programme Director, Durham DBA

Arezou Ghiassaleh 
Assistant Professor in Marketing

Helen Goworek 
Associate Professor (Teaching) in Marketing

Les Graham 
Professor (Teaching) in Strategy

Neil Graney
Assistant Professor (Teaching) in Marketing

Angela Green
Associate Professor in Marketing

Yanjun Guan 
Professor in Management

Rosalie Hall 
Emeritus Professor of Management

Peter Hamilton 
Associate Professor in Human Resource Management

Mariann Hardey
Assistant Professor in Marketing

Xinming He
Professor of Marketing

Jonquil Hinson
Assistant Professor (Teaching) in Marketing

John Hirst 
Assistant Professor (Teaching) in Management

Julie Hodges
Professor (Teaching) in Management, Associate Dean for MBA and DBA Programmes

Hazel H. Huang 
Assistant Professor in Marketing

Jeffrey Hughes
Associate Professor of  Strategy and Entrepreneurship

David Johnson
Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship

Maria Kakarika
Associate Professor in Leadership and OB, Programme Director for the Durham DBA

Jonathan Kimmitt
Professor of Entrepreneurship

Christina Koutouroushi
Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship/Innovation Management

Gretchen Larsen 
Associate Professor in Marketing

Jorge Lengler 
Associate Professor in Management and IB, Associate Dean (MBA)

Zhibin Lin 
Associate Professor in Marketing

Min Liu 
Assistant Professor in Management

Robert Lord 
Emeritus Professor of Leadership

Weichen Jenny Ma
Associate Professor in Marketing/International Business, Programme Director (BA Marketing and Management)

Anders Friis Marstand
Associate Professor in Leadership/OB, Deputy Head of Department, Leadership/OB/OS/HRM

Jo McBride
Professor in Management

Riccardo Mogre
Associate Professor

Mary Lynn Mundell
Assistant Professor 

Pablo Munoz
Professor in Entrepreneurship, PhD Programme Director

Grant Murray
Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship

Mike Nicholson 
Professor (Teaching) of Strategic Marketing, Director of Education

Kostas Nikolopoulos
Professor of Business Analytics and Information Systems

Joseph Paniculangara
Assistant Professor in Marketing

Bjorn Persson
KTP Research Associate (Based in London)

Tyrone Pitsis 
Professor of Strategy and Technology

Laszlo Polos 
Professor of Organisational Theory

Stefanie Reissner 
Professor of Organization Studies

Saadat Saeed
Associate Professor in Management and Marketing, Programme Director MSc Management

Birgit Schyns
Professor in Organisational Behaviour

Stephanie Scott
Assistant Professor in Management and Marketing

Manish Shukla
Assistant Professor in Operations Management, Programme Director (MSc Business analytics

Martyna Sliwa
Professor of Business Ethics and Organisation Studies, Associate Dean, Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability)

Angelo Solarino
Associate Professor in Strategy and Innovation

Catherine Spellman
Assistant Professor in HRM 

Ian Stone
Emeritus Professor

Dylan Sutherland
Associate Professor in Management

Anna Tilba 
Associate Professor in Management and Marketing

Zsofia Toth
Associate Professor

Lenos Trigeorgis
Professor of Strategy and Finance

Shajara Ul-Durar
Teaching Fellow

Neil Walton
Professor, Deputy Head of Department, Ops Mgmt/Strategy/Innov/IS/Entrep

Paul Westhead
Professor in Entrepreneurship

Sarah Xiao 
Professor in Marketing, Programme Director, Fudan DBA, Deputy Head of Department, Marketing & IB

Ji (Karena) Yan 
Associate Professor in Marketing, Associate Dean (DBA)

Yingchao (Jane) Zhang
Assistant Professor in Human Resource Management

Yanlu Zhao
Assistant Professor of Operations Management

Janey Zheng
Assistant Professor

PhD Students

Nadia Ahmed
PhD Student

Carolina Bysh
PhD Student

Ziya Ete
PhD Student

Rodrigo Frias
PhD Student

Ji Youn, Han
PhD Student

Timothy Holmes
PhD Student

Madaleine Hunt
PhD Student

Shradha Kapoor
PhD Student

Georgios Karamatzanis
PhD Student

Qing Liu
PhD Student

Yan Peng
PhD Student

Mariam Sarhan
PhD Student

Syman Wang
PhD Student

Emilia Wojanek
PhD Student

Yuanyi Xu
PhD Student

Yipu Yao
PhD student

Liyun (Lynne) Zhu
PhD Student