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Recruiting MBA Students

A row of international students sit in a row in a brightly lit white room

Our MBA students and alumni combine academic excellence with a solid grounding in the real business world.

Many of our MBA students already have in-depth industry experience – seven years on average – to this we add leading edge skills, the key theories, and invaluable interpersonal skills. In short, everything our graduates need to add value and have a positive impact on your organisation.

Our MBA students and alumni have joined many leading companies across the globe, you can view what what our employers say.

How can you recruit our MBA graduates?

Our experienced team will help you connect with our international cohort of MBA students and alumni. Talk to us and we’ll tailor services to meet your needs and support your recruitment campaigns and succession plans. Opportunities to promote your business include:

  • Publicise vacancies and events - We can advertise your vacancies and events to our students and alumni – at no cost to you. These will be posted on our career platform and included in our e-newsletters. We can also target your vacancies to draw in a specific audience. 
  • Company presentations - These provide a great opportunity to raise the profile of your business or your career, and to network with potential clients. Through our career insights series, you can also share your expertise in a specific field with a group of students.
  • Skills workshops - Delivered by recruiting organisations, these sessions are designed to help our students develop important career-building capabilities and skills, from networking to leadership.
  • Networking events - We bring Durham’s talent closer to employers, both virtually and in-person. In previous years we have delivered a London conference which has provided the perfect platform for the city’s businesses to network with a diverse array of students.
  • CV matching - In addition to our Talent Profile Book we can provide students CVs to match your requirements including languages, experience and geographical preferences.
  • MBA Strategic Business Projects - Gain all the energy, knowledge and insights of an MBA student with a business project. During these three-month projects, an MBA student will tackle a strategic business issue facing your business. Once completed, you’ll receive a full report on their findings. Find out more here.