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Comprehensive coverage and analysis of the financial industry and international business. Read all about our influential research below or return to the Impact Hub.

Islamic finance and sustainable development

Professor Habib Ahmed investigates how Islamic finance practices can contribute to UN sustainability goals.
Islamic finance and sustainable development

The darker side of equity release

Releasing money from your home can have serious pitfalls for you and your lender. Releasing money from your home can have serious pitfalls.
Tattered red flag against grey skies

High Frequency Trading and Liquidity Crisis

“Liquidity Crashes” - toward more resilient electronic markets. The FinTech revolution means changes to the way financial markets perform.

Are cryptocurrency returns affected by monetary policy spillovers?

As international monetary policy spillovers become more commonplace, is cryptocurrency a safer investment? Dr Ahmed Elsayed investigates.
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Risky business?

Professor Christos Tsinopoulos explains why firms should be aware of the consequences of tax benefits for research & development
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