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Discover how trends are changing within organisations and their impact on the workplace. Read all about our influential research below or return to our Impact Hub.

The impact of ethical leaders on today's workforce

Does having an ethical boss encourage us to challenge the status quo? Professors Olga Epitropaki and Les Graham investigate.
The impact of ethical leaders on today's workforce

The new reality for many is working from home

Managing the wellbeing of a remote workforce. Has home working become the ‘norm’ for many professionals?

Me Too

Why the Weinstein scandal highlights systemic issues in management, not just the film industry. #MeToo; management's hidden shame.

Protecting our mental health from Covid-19

In the face of unprecedented working conditions, the need to protect and preserve people’s mental health and wellbeing has become a priority.

Reshaping the role of HR

Why the human resources function needs a rethink in the face of major new challenges. It needs to shift from being transactional to transformational.
Abstract photo of HR connectivity

The economic policies of Lord Liverpool

Professor Kevin Dowd reflects on the accomplishments of a UK prime minister faced with troubling times.
Lord Liverpool portrait

Helping human rights champions to change & develop

Along with others Professor Julie Hodges was invited to work with the Human Rights Department.



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