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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Research into new business ventures, or business growth, with innovation as an important prerequisite for gaining a competitive advantage. Read all about our influential research below or return to the IMPACT Hub.

MIND Your Business: Tackling the mental health crisis in entrepreneurship

Professor Pablo Munoz and PhD candidate Marieshka Barton explore the complex relationship between entrepreneurship and mental health.
Person sticking a post it with a smile drawn on it onto a purple wall with other post it faces surrounding it

SustAInability: How A.I. can steal our jobs but save our planet

Dr Chrysostomos Apostolidis, Associate Professor in Marketing, weighs up the sustainability-related promises of artificial intelligence (AI) with its societal impact.
Satellites orbit the earth technology concept with outline of pirate Captain Jack Sparrow on the left hand side

Collaboration, innovation and sustainability

Dr Joanna Berry talks about working with Boeing and developing an exciting new interdisciplinary degree.
Collaboration, innovation and sustainability

The rise of the smart city

Professor Kiran Fernandes explains how his work with the 'indexDNA' framework is shaping urban development.
The rise of the smart city

Electric Dreams

Significant transformations are predicted for personal mobility, the automotive industry and logistics.

Should Service Robots Look Like Us?

Service robots are expected to change the way services are provided and to alter how customers and firms interact.

Should hospitals embrace 3D printing for surgery?

The use of 3D printed anatomical models, as well as patient-specific customised surgical guides.

The Power of Entrepreneurship

Certain cultures are supportive of entrepreneurs, who are constantly looking for ideas and projects that are turned into real solutions for everybody.



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