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Cover of IMPACT magazine Issue 11 feature the world on a knife edge

Issue 11 of our award-winning magazine, IMPACT, is out now. Themed around ‘world economy and society’, the issue looks at our research on the economy at a global and local level. With the world experiencing war in Europe the shockwaves are being felt everywhere and driving a cost-of-living crisis through the availability of oil, gas and grain. Is it overly dramatic to say the world economy is on a knife edge?

The World Economy and Society

In the week when the International Monetary Fund (IMF) reports the world’s three largest economies are stalling, with important consequences for the global outlook, IMPACT magazine takes a timely look at the World Economy.

The magazine also looks at other issues facing society and ways we, as individuals as well as organisations, can make an impact on the world we share.

Features include:


The economic impact of terrorism

According to a recent study by Professor Dimitris Petmezas, such events bring deals to a halt and repercussions can last for up to two years.

An economist’s post COP26 thoughts

Dr Laura Marsiliani, Associate Professor of Economics shares her thoughts on COP26 in Glasgow and what lessons we can bring to COP27.

Is globalisation leaving the poorest countries behind?

As international trade rises, Dr Michael Nower asks, how have countries with varied incomes been impacted differently?

Why ethical use of AI robots must incorporate accountability and moral intensity

For many businesses, investing in AI improves productivity, boosts revenue, increases accuracy and opens new avenues for industry. But, according to Dr Zsófia Tóth and her colleagues, this isn’t without risk…

Inspired and continuous learning

MBA graduate Steven Zwane is inspiring Africa’s future entrepreneurs and has returned to Durham to continue his own learning through the Durham DBA programme.

...and many more.

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