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Emergency shelter start-up wins £100,000-worth of research and business support

Sustainable emergency shelter company Nostos Homes picked up the grand prize of £100,000 worth of research and business support at the ‘just IMAGINE if…’ social enterprise competition hosted at Durham University.
Nostos Homes awarded Just Imagine If prize

Understanding others is key to successful mentorship

New Business School research has found that career mentorship is most successful for mentees who are empathetic and able to understand the perspectives of others.

Does terrorism affect the mergers and acquisitions of companies close by?

This is the question a recent study by Professor Dimitris Petmezas and colleagues from Manchester Alliance Business School and Surrey Business School sought to answer.
Two figures pushing jigsaw pieces together

London most productive region in the UK

London is over 50% more productive than any other region in the UK, according to new research at the School.
London most productive region in the UK