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MBA and MSc Business Analytics students focus their skills to address client organisation demands

Business Projects help tackle issues or opportunities that organisations may not have the time or resources to address, as well as give an objective insight and deliver practical recommendations specific to a business. 

Each year MBA and MSc Business Analytics students work with companies on a consultancy basis to undertake a range of projects for companies and organisations as part of their studies. 

Many of the world’s leading businesses have already benefited from these projects and the School collaborates with employers to generate ideas and ensure projects meet both academic and business demands. 

Key dates to work towards 

Taking place between June and September, students work across all sectors and functions, applying their skills and knowledge to deliver results that can move business forward.  

The deadline for submitting a business project is March, meaning that there is still time for any potential clients to consider their needs and contact the School. 

Advantages for organisations

Sarah Chambers, Engagement Manager (Recruitment) says “Our MBA students have helped many organisations with a wide range of projects over the years. These have included looking at hiring strategy, corporate culture, corporate social responsibility, marketing strategies, client relationship management, and competitor analysis to name just a few. We understand that many projects will touch on confidential information, so clients can be assured we will always work with complete integrity and discretion”. 

While this is true for the MBA students, it is even more so for the Business Analytics students who will be delving into data to investigate a particular business issue.  

For the Analytics projects, Sarah assures that “Managers have the opportunity to get valuable insight into important areas of activity. Most organisational functions generate data, so you’d be surprised at the variety of projects we’ve had. They can range from the design of data collection strategies for SMEs to informing retail strategy decisions using data.” 

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