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Einride self driving transport vehicle parked in carpark with cityscape behind

MSc Management students have been collaborating with Einride, a Swedish transport company specialising in electric and self-driving vehicles, through consulting project engagements for the past two years.

As part of the Management programme, students were challenged to research and analyse the potential for Einride’s market expansion into the UK and provide insights and suggestions for suitable regions for breaking ground, including regulatory considerations.

After working on the project for about two months, arranged in partnership with International Study Programs who facilitated the School's visit to Stockholm, the students delivered their final presentation to Einride representatives at the company headquarters in the city. The presentation of the student team has outlined a potential expansion strategy for Einride in the UK, a detailed market analysis and the analysis of the regulatory environment.


 MSc Management student Lys Brachat says,

“The project was extremely interesting as it consisted of researching for a company that is introducing a disruptive innovation into the transport market, that all of us knew very little about. Working on this project gave us considerable insight into tackling the development and implementation of business plans, identifying target markets, and managing international business relationships.

As a team composed of UK-based students from multiple backgrounds, Argentina, India, Australia, France, and England, working with a Swedish company, we all gained valuable experience in cross-cultural communication. Overall, working on the project with Einride in Stockholm as a student from Durham University provided us all with valuable skills and knowledge in several areas.”


In a timely statement, Einride recently announced its arrival in the UK, partnering with PepsiCo to bring an innovative sustainable transport and logistics solution to the country. This announcement was covered by mainstream news outlets, including the BBC, and many Einride staff, including the Senior Vice President of Research and Public Affairs and the Director of Academic Partnerships (both of whom Durham worked with over the past two years), have expressed their appreciation on LinkedIn to everyone that contributed toward their success.


Associate Professor Zsofia Toth, the academic lead for the study tour to Stockholm sums up saying,

“The feedback on the project from Einride was highly positive, and I am pleased to see that some of Einride's strategic decisions appear to correspond with what was suggested by the student group. The international study tour to Stockholm was a great experience and a strong connection between theory and practice, as Einride's case exemplifies.”


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