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Our Publications

Featured Publication 

Basu, P. & Gavin, W.T. (2017). Negative Correlation between Stock and Futures Returns: An Unexploited Hedging Opportunity?. Bulletin of Economic Research69(3): 209-215. 

Selected Publications 

Chen, X., Kirsanova, T. & Leith, C. (2017). How Optimal is US Monetary Policy?. Journal of Monetary Economics92: 96-111. 

Bambi, M., Gozzi, F. & Licandro, O. (2014). Endogenous growth and wave-like business fluctuations. Journal of Economic Theory154: 68-111. 

Eugeni, S. (2015). An OLG model of global imbalances.. Journal of International Economics95(1): 83-97. 

Cooke, D & Damjanovic,T. (2019).Optimal Fiscal Policy in a Model of Firm Entry and Financial Frictions. Review of Economic Dynamics, forthcoming. 

Banerjee, S, Basu, P & Ghate, C (2019). A Monetary Business Cycle Model for India. Economic Inquiry, forthcoming. 

Chivers, D., Feng, Z. & Villamil, A. (2017). Employment-based health insurance and misallocation: Implications for the macroeconomy.. Review of Economic Dynamics23: 125-149. 

Bambi, M., Di Girolami, C., Federico, S. & Gozzi, F. (2017). Generically distributed investments on flexible projects and endogenous growth. Economic Theory63(2): 521-558. 

Chen, X., Kirsanova, T. & Leith, C. (2017). An empirical assessment of Optimal Monetary Policy in the Euro area.. European Economic Review 100: 95-115. 

Damjanovic, T. & Girdėnas, Š. (2014). Quantitative easing and the loan to collateral value ratio.. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control45: 146-164. 

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Chen, X. & MacDonald, R. (2015). Measuring the dollar-euro permanent equilibrium exchange rate using the unobserved components model.. Journal of International Money and Finance53: 20-35. 

Hashimzade, N., Myles, G. D. & Rablen, M. D. (2016). Predictive Analytics and the Targeting of Audits. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization124: 130-145. 

Chivers, D. (2017). Success, Survive or Escape? Aspirations and Poverty Traps.. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization143: 116-132. 

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Banerjee, S. & Basu, P. (2017). Technology Shocks and Business Cycles in India.. Macroeconomic Dynamics 

Damjanovic, V. (2017). Two “little treasure games” driven by unconditional regret.. Economics Letters150: 99-103. 

Harris, R. & Moffat, J. (2017). The Sources of The Scotland-Rest Of The UK Productivity Gap: Implications For Policy.. Regional Studies51(9): 1297-1311. 

Harris, R. & Moffat, J. (2017). The UK productivity puzzle, 2008–2012: evidence using plant-level estimates of total factor productivity.. Oxford Economic Papers69(3): 529-549. 

Eugeni, S. (2016). Global imbalances in the XIX, XX and the XXI centuries.. Economics Letters145: 69-72. 

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Bambi, M. & Gori, Franco (2014). Unifying Time-to-build theory.. Macroeconomic Dynamics18(08): 1713-1725.